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Rockin burgers at Rock Me Burger

By Heather Allen
Rock me burgers is the latest restaurant on Loy Kroh, opening in February, and offers good burgers with fun toppings in a cool and funky atmosphere. Don’t be fooled by the countertop service out front as I nearly was, there is a much larger (and air-conditioned) restaurant inside. It’s easy to miss as it is right next to Raming Lodge but I wouldn’t recommend missing it.
The burgers are rockin here, big and juicy with a good quality beef. To be honest, for this reviewer, they are almost too big. The burger comes to the table anchored to a wooden cutting board with a knife, that came in handy, actually, as I ended up cutting the burger in half. The bread was nice, not sweet and not too thick and it came with some potato wedges, I didn’t count but it was more of a garnish than a side, and an onion ring that was tasty enough.
I had the Rock Me Burger, which came with cheese and an omelet. At first I thought the egg was going to be a fried egg, a la Australian style but thankfully no, and no beetroot either which I do not much like. My friends had the fish and chips, stating they were not hungry enough for such a large burger. A table nearby had a huge portion of ribs that looked tasty but definitely something you want to share or, as in the case of the burger, eat if you are quite hungry. Several of us had the chocolate milkshakes and they were excellent but, between that and the huge burger, I was more than full.
We were there for lunch and whilst the place was not hopping, it was certainly busy enough. Service was pretty good although they do appear to be cooking things a few dishes at a time as my friend’s dish came more than a few minutes later than the rest of us. I understand there is live music in the evening which would make this place an interesting place to stop before heading out to clubs or even after since they say they close rather late.
It is important to remember that whilst there is no real parking along Loi Kroh there is a parking lot just across the way where one can park for a small fee. They are open daily from 11:30 a.m. to midnight.

RECIPES BY NOI: Hor Neung or steamed vegetable curry

We have covered cooking Kang Kae or mixed vegetable curry and Kang Hoi or freshwater snail curry in our recipes already. While they have the same curry ingredients they have different meat. Hor Neung uses the same chili paste and vegetables but must be cooked differently than those curries. Hor Neung is a wrapped and steamed curry.
Normally the villagers will cook Hor Neung on special occasions because it’s more work than making regular curry. When I was a young novice a long time ago, I found a lot of people giving alms with Hor Neung during big important Buddhist holidays, as well as New Year and Songkran. When we had too much food and Hor Neung, we would stir fry them together with chili paste and add some more vegetables and herbs so it’s called Kua Ham or Kua Ho which we have also covered in the paper.
But, back to our Hor Neung. The ingredients are Pak Kae (Wild betel leaves), Pak Tam Leung (Ivy gourd leaves), Ma Keua Paung (Pea eggplants), Kaffir lime leaves, Cha Om (Acacia pennata), Pak Chee Farang (Cilantro), Pak Ped (Para Cress flowers), Dok Kae (Vegetable hummingbird flowers), Dok Ngew (Dried red cotton tree flowers), Ma Keua (Eggplants), Ma Keua Yao (Long eggplant), Hed Nang Fa (Oyster mushroom), Tua Yao (Long beans) and chicken.
Make chili paste by pounding dried chilies, garlic, shallots, lemongrass, shrimp paste, and salt together.
Then stir fry the chili paste with a little bit of cooking oil. Next step add chicken and stir fry until medium rare and add then add some water. When the soup is boiling, add the vegetables. About 5-10 minutes the vegetables will be well cooked, remove from heat and add a lot of roasted rice powder (roast rice and pound into powder) to make the curry to be thick.
Prepare banana leaves to wrap our Hor Neung and steam it for 15-30 minutes.
Hor Neung normally uses chicken and some people might call it Hor Neung Kai. Also other meat can be found in Hor Neung as well such as fish.

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