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By Eric Danell Dokmai Garden


The Dragon Orchid

The Dragon Orchid is native to Thailand and is supposed to be fragrant.

The dragon orchid (Dendrobium draconis, Orchidaceae) which usually blooms in northern Thailand in March is native to eastern India and Southeast Asia including Thailand. Being a native to deciduous and evergreen forests (500-2000 m) it’s quite common and I have seen it in the wild on Shorea roxburghii in Chiang Rai. The dragon orchid may resemble another common orchid (Dendrobium infundibulum), which is a characteristic of Doi Inthanon national park. The dragon orchid has an orange-red blotch on its lip and quite slender petals, while D. infundibulum usually has a yellow blotch and strikingly broad petals. Although the dragon orchid is said to be fragrant, I cannot feel any fragrance at all (a very subjective and unreliable character which also vary between strains). A striking feature of the dragon orchid is the long and slender mentum, a spur-like structure which is more sac-like in another similar species, D. formosum..

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The Dragon Orchid