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Well, it is definitely wet

By Heather Allen
The rainy season is upon us quite fully it would seem. Many of my friends are now complaining about the rain, saying it is now too much. These are usually the same friends who complain in the hot season as well. I’ve never really understood this need to complain about the weather since there really is not a lot to be done about the weather and no matter how much we rail against the weather it will not be listening to our complaints.
I do not particularly enjoy getting wet on a regular basis but coming from a rather grey rainy climate I find the warmth, at least, a nice change. Yes, the rain can be inconvenient, but it does not rain for months on end like it does in other places around the world (my home for instance!) and whilst it may be raining today or tomorrow it might not rain in a few days. In fact, I cannot remember the last time it rained for more than a week at one time.
Yes the rain can be tiresome but it is certainly better than the alternative as my American friends in California can attest. Water shortages and hosepipe bans would be worse. Of course too much rain in the form of flooding is also bad but we are not there yet. I would be surprised if we did get there as well.
So, daily I don my pink rain poncho – a rather elegant word for something that actually looks more like a giant plastic bag – and my flipflops, roll up my trousers and wade on out into the damp thinking that enduring the rain will make the cool, sunny season that much more enjoyable.


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Well, it is definitely wet