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Suan Dokmai Coffee & Bar, late morning until late night

By Nopniwat Krailerg
Well known TV host of the show OIC and actor DJ Man OIC as he is known, or Attachart Sripakdee, returned to his hometown to start a restaurant. This charming rustic looking location is actually set in the Suan Dok Kaew Boutique Hotel alley near Suan Dok Hospital in the heart of town.
Serving Southern Thai food and noodle dishes, the restaurant is open from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and then from 5 p.m. to midnight you can sit and relax in a pub/restaurant atmosphere and order dishes off a main menu.
The Southern dishes are not to be missed, offering such Southern standbys as spicy curries including Panaeng curry and gaeng luang, salted eggs, and many other foods. Our favorite was the Panaeng curry over rice with salted egg.
The noodle menu has an extensive selection of noodles with choices of pork, seafood, shrimp and ribs, and tom yam style noodles. The highlight on the noodle menu is Tiew Dok, which is a mixed noodle soup which offers all choices for 150 baht.
Dishes start from a very reasonable 40 baht and there is the option of dining inside or al fresco. Reservations are available at 093-307-07843.

RECIPES BY NOI: Jiow Kai Mod Som

Ant larvae with egg soup

The ant larvae that we usually cook is the larvae from the Mod Som (orange ant), in other parts of Thailand it is known as Mod Dang or red ant. This ant is known as the weaver ant for intricate nests made by pulling leaves on trees together and gluing them together using silk that produces the larvae. I didn’t know that about them until I looked them up for this recipe, maybe I just don’t want to know too much about my food before it became my food! Sometimes not knowing makes it taste better.
I knew that they were small and dangerous having been bit by one that crawled into my ear. I heard it crawl inside and it bit me, it felt like I was losing my hearing and my ear was burning.
However, now it is rainy season and there are no ant larvae until next year between February and April. Ant larvae are cooked in many different ways, such as in an omelet, spicy salad even the soup which we once featured here. You can mash them up with chili paste and stir fry them too.
However, this soup is a clear soup and we normally add egg as well. Once you have the ant larvae then all we need to do is pound dry chili, garlic and salt together then add it to boiling hot water. Then throw the larvae in with egg and stir. After a few minutes we remove from the heat and add chopped shallot and spring onion.
Keep this recipe in mind and please don’t forget to try to cook when it is ant larvae season again!

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