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MAIL OPINION  By Shana Kongmun


Over 3,000 traffic violations cited in traffic crackdown

A friend recently commented that he thought the police crackdown on traffic violations was minor and unimportant. Well, I disagree. As both a driver and a pedestrian I believe that enforcing these laws is quite important to not only the safety of the people on the road but also to making sure traffic in Chiang Mai actually moves.
He is on a motorcycle and rarely walks so may not grasp the importance of not stopping on the crosswalk at a junction. However, I like to walk and find it very frustrating when there are so many bikes on the crosswalk that I am forced out into the road. Additionally, traffic comes to a standstill, the term referred to as gridlock, when those motorists feel that it is acceptable to stop their cars in the middle of the junction after the light has changed. These people are too impatient to stop at the entrance and wait to see if they can get through as they don’t want to have to wait for the red light. Thus, they inconvenience everyone around them and force traffic to a standstill.
Forcing people to not run red lights is important. A friend of mine was nearly broadsided by a man who thought he should hurry up and get through a light that was already red. If he had been hit, he would have been seriously injured if not killed.
Forcing people to not drive down the wrong side of the road is important. I myself was nearly hit by a woman who was driving down the wrong side of the road at high speed trying to get through the junction.
Requiring motorists to be considerate is not a bad thing and I applaud the efforts of the traffic police to enforce the traffic laws. It certainly does not make them popular for enforcing what some may seem as minor issues. But it is these “minor” issues that add up to major traffic problems and to pooh pooh the efforts of the traffic police is not only unfair but incorrect. These “small” offenses add up to some very big problems and the more people realize they can get in trouble for the things they do that inconvenience and endanger others, perhaps the less they will do them.

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Over 3,000 traffic violations cited in traffic crackdown