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Troublesome ex-girlfriend
Dear Emma,
I have the misfortune of having dated a girl who, it seems, is mentally unbalanced. I didn’t realize it at the time as she seemed quite normal at first; she hid her craziness quite effectively. She was actually a lot of fun, I knew she was a little bit wild but it wasn’t until later that I realized just how wild. She hid her drug use from me, I knew about the late night partying but she went beyond a few nights out every now and then, she was going out nearly every night and then sleeping all day.
She told me she had a job but that turned out to not be true. She couldn’t keep a job because of all the partying. When I found out about the drug use I called it quits. I do not want to be involved with someone who does hard drugs.
She started phoning me. When I wouldn’t pick up then she sent me messages on Line. One after the other. When I blocked her on Line she started texting me. Finally I blocked her on my phone.
I had already unfriended her on Facebook but she started friending my friends, I had to warn people to stay away from her. Finally I blocked her on Facebook so she couldn’t see me. So, she created a new name similar to mine and started friending my Friends, they thought I had two accounts but as soon as she started writing they realized that it couldn’t be me as the English was clearly coming from someone that was not a native English speaker.
I reported her on Facebook but really, what is to stop her from the continued harassment? I have already moved to another condo to get away from her but Chiang Mai is not that large and whilst I know her favorite nightspots, it means that I have to lock myself away to get away from her.
Emma, I am seriously thinking of leaving Chiang Mai and starting all over again somewhere else. I am at my wits end as to what to do.

Dear Stalked,
Well, this certainly is a dire situation. You do not mention if she has ever gotten violent with you but if she has not then I am afraid that there is nothing the police can do. Unfortunately, they have to wait for something to happen before they can do anything.
You do not mention how committed you are to Chiang Mai but you may want to consider leaving, if only for a period of time until she finds someone new. Take a long holiday away if you can, when you come back she will have forgotten about you, intent on whomever her next victim may be.

Creepy taxi driver
Dear Editor,
A friend of mine recently told me about a taxi driver in Bangkok who sexually assaulted her, she said she reached over the seat to show him a map on the phone and he reached around and tried to touch her breast. She had the presence of mind to snap a photo on her phone of the licence and then jumped out as the traffic was heavy and the car was stopped. She wasn’t really sure what to do but some Thai friends told her she could call the tourist police and report the driver. Also there is a number to report taxi drivers as well as, amazingly, an app.
I wonder is there such a system in place in Chiang Mai?
Taxi concerns

Dear Taxi
The hotline phone number for the Tourist Police works nationwide, 1155. You can also call their local number 053 247 318. Emma has not heard of a system in place, much less an app, to report troublesome drivers in Chiang Mai. Another alternative is to take a photo of the driver and his license – it should be prominently displayed inside the vehicle, both tuk tuks and taxi. Then file a formal complaint with the Provincial Land Transport Office.
However, Emma must note that she has not actually heard too many stories of this kind of behavior amongst taxi drivers in Chiang Mai but this does not mean it has not happened, just that it does not appear to be a widespread issue.
The Provincial Land Transport Office is located on the Hang Dong Road or phone at 053-278570, 053-270410. Be aware that it is unlikely they will speak much English.
The government has also opened a new office in City Hall on the ground floor where people can make complaints. I suspect it is mainly for reporting corrupt officials but it certainly can’t hurt to give it a try.

Annoying parking habits in my condo building
Dear Emma,
I know this is such a petty rant but still, it must be said. I live in a decent sized condo building that does actually have a fair amount of parking for both cars and motorcycles, rather surprising I know but generally it is fine.
However, there are a few people who park their bicycles in the motorcycle lot taking up an inordinate amount of space. At first I thought perhaps the rider used his bicycle on a daily basis because he took up a prominent space and used the entire space. However, I noted after a while that the bicycle had not been moved in days. So, I moved the bicycle out of the way for people who do use the parking lot regularly.
Interestingly, the owner of this bicycle moved it back the first time and then left it unmoved for days again. So, I moved it yet again a second time and there it has stayed. Clearly unmoved. I do not really understand people who do this. I understand your unit may be too small to park the bicycle but why the need to take up a spot reserved for motorcycles when you have no intention of actually riding the bicycle? There is a space in the back used by bicycles this person could have easily used. There are even better places to lock the bicycle there but no, this person felt it was too inconvenient I guess.
Well, that is my rant and I know it is a small one but I do wish people would consider those around them and not just themselves.
Move the bicycle

Dear Bicycle,
Emma agrees, far too often people only consider their own needs and rarely think about those around them. Perhaps it is a sign of the times and one we must live with but Emma hopes not.