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Nasi Jumpru at the Harbour

By Heather Allen
I confess I only went to Nasi Jumpru when it was out on the Maejo Road, it was a bit far out of town for me and then when it moved even further out, was still too far! So, I was very happy to learn of the opening of their new branch in the Harbour on Huay Kaew a few weeks ago.
The interior of the restaurant is very charming, with lovely furnishings and interesting chandeliers. One side of the restaurant is a floor to ceiling window overlooking the road that runs alongside the Harbour. Not a gorgeous view but interesting people watching nonetheless. However, one does not dine at Nasi Jumpru for the view or the furnishings, although ambiance is important and it is a very pleasant space. One dines at Nasi Jumpru for the food and it was, as expected, excellent.
I dined with a few friends and we shared several dishes including a divine version of Kaeng Hung Lay that seemed to come with half the pig! We ordered extra roti which was a good idea. There was also a delicious yum made from green apples that will definitely have me coming back for more. We also had a delicious creamy green curry with prawns that had just the right amount of spice and three giant prawns.
The portions are generous; we probably could have gotten away with ordering two dishes not realizing the pork was going to be so large! But we were glad we had ordered to share. We also had a fabulous honey cake dessert that was absolutely divine. They did not serve alcohol when we ate there and we did not ask about corkage since we had not brought a bottle of wine. However, I suspect they do not have a problem with bringing your own bottle and answer their Facebook messages quite quickly.
Our dinner was around 1100 baht for three, including rice, roti, sodas, desserts, and the three generous dishes. For fine dining with excellent Thai fusion food, it is great value. I will certainly go back again. They are open daily from 11 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. and are located inside the Harbour Shopping Center on Huay Kaew Road between Nimmanhaemin and Canal Roads, there is ample parking alongside the mall.

RECIPES BY NOI: Tao or Green river algae

Tao is fresh water green algae and is the same family as Gai which we cooked before ( The difference is that Gai can be found in the Khong river but Gai can be found in small river. The only condition is that the river must be clean and flowing all the time. We mostly pick Tao in the river in rice fields and the river from mountain. That’s why we call them river Tao and Mountain Tao.
Basically they both look and taste the same. Nowadays villagers prefer to pick Tao from a river in mountain because at least they are sure that the river and Tao are clean. The rice fields are full of fertilizer and other chemicals but there is a spot nearby my house in Chiang Khong that we can be very sure the river is clean because it comes from a small spring. It has water all year round, maybe a little less during summer but there is water enough for Tao to grow. The best time to pick Tao is in the summer until the rainy season which is about March-September.
So, let’s say we find a river with good looking young Tao, now it’s time for a small trick to collect them. All we need are plastic boots and a hand net.
We must walk as gently and carefully as we can otherwise the water and our Tao will be muddy. Softly scoop up Tao, be careful not to have items such as dry leaves and old brushwood in it.
After reaching home we might need to clean it again in clean water.
Now that you know how to find Tao, in the next issue we will look at it in 2 different ways, raw and cooked.

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