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How does your garden grow?  
By Eric Danell Dokmai Garden


October blooms

Phalaenopsis deliciosa is in blossom by mid-October. This specimen is a part of the Corien and Folbert Bronsema Orchid donation.

A spectacular native tree normally in blossom around Chiang Mai in mid-October is Millingtonia hortensis (Bignoniaceae). It has white hanging flowers which are fragrant in the night. It is a slow-growing tree, but eventually its corky stem and lovely flowers will enrich your garden. A beautiful specimen can be found at the Dhara Dhevi Hotel.
Another tree in blossom at the same time around Chiang Mai is Senna spectabilis (Fabaceae). It has bright yellow flowers arranged in stiff flower clusters, pointing sideways or even slightly upwards, reminding me of fireworks. One Thai name is ‘khi lek american’, indicating its true origin in tropical America. A friend said her guide told them this is the national tree, Cassia fistula, ‘rachapruek’. That is wrong. Cassia fistula has drooping flower clusters, hence the English vernacular name ‘Golden Shower’. When it is in blossom in April, the tree has no leaves. Right now you can see some Cassia fistula trees in blossom, practicing for April.
Some lovely orchids are also displaying their sweet blossoms at this time. One species is Phalaenopsis (Kingidium) deliciosa. It is native, and very delicate, hence the name.

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October blooms