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Corner Bistro is just around the corner

By Shana Kongmun
As an American I was intrigued to hear about a new restaurant just off Huay Kaew run by a Thai man who lived in New York for years, I checked out the Facebook page and after seeing the fried chicken submarine sandwich called up a friend and we met there for dinner.

It is easy enough to find, turn into the little soi across the street from the Shell Station on Huay Kaew Road and then turn right. Follow the road and the Corner Bistro is on the right hand side, on the corner with the soi that used to go to Bangkok Bank (you can also turn down that soi from Huay Kaew if you wish). The restaurant is only open for dinner, from 5 p.m. to midnight and offers a small if varied selection of food.
We started with peaches and cream ice cream with a shot of rum and it was delicious, rich and creamy with just the right touch of rum. We decided to share and since I had the fried chicken sandwich in mind we had that and a bowl of fries with chili and cheese.
The fried chicken sandwich came with a small side of fries, the bread was a very nice crusty baguette with tomato and lettuce and a delicious piece of chicken cooked, well, fried chicken style. The crunchy crust was flavored just right and with the right amount of crunch, the chicken flavorful and juicy. The fries were crunchy and came with an aioli like dip, which I prefer but ketchup was also provided for those who like ketchup.
Next came the bowl of fries and topped with chili and melted cheese, this was also tasty but for my tastes the chili could have used a bit more beef in the chili. However, the chili had a nice bite to it and the fries held their crunch enough for the chili and the cheese.
Prices were quite reasonable, our bill for drinks and all was a little under 600 baht. Kevin, the owner, came over to check on us and chat, we sat outside on a little balcony watching the world drive and walk by. All in all, worth a visit or two. 096 497 6766, 8/8 Ratchaphuek Road.


All my life I have never had the chance to try sweet Makolan. The kind that grows in my village is very very sour. The direct translation of Makolan means Lizard’s Neck fruit. It does kind of look like a “mini-me” lychee and some even call it wild Lychee. I used to call it Lychee but without the fertilizer.
The fruit is quite small, about 2-3cm long and 1-2cm wide only. The tree, however is quite tall and can reach up to 20 meters high. be very tall up to 20 meters. It usually fruits the same time as the lychees.
The thinking is when something is as sour as this fruit it is necessary to have another strong flavor to balance the sour taste.
Here’s how we eat it in my village.
At first we need dried chili, fish sauce, and sugar. We can also add fermented fish and shrimp paste for an extremely strong smell.
Mix all the ingredients together and then peel whatever amount of Makolan that we want. Mix it with the sauce we made and flavor to taste.
I used to eat it without any sauce, and even ate it with the seed. Of course some people really like to eat it that way but swallowing the seeds might cause choking so most people remove the seeds before eating.

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