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Bridge in Paradise: by Neil Robinson

Imagine you hold the hand below and are the fourth to bid after three passes to you. West dealt and everyone is vulnerable. The hand certainly does not meet the rule of fifteen to open in fourth seat (the rule of fifteen states that high card points plus number of spades should add up to fifteen in order to open). With only ten high card points, including the singleton king of spades, I would certainly pass. What about you—what would you bid?

If you chose to pass out the hand, as I would have done, you would have missed a game! Of the six tables where this was played, only one passed it out. Four tables ended up in game in hearts played by South, and three of these made it. The defence can take a diamond, a heart and two clubs. However, if West makes the probable lead of the jack of spades, declarer will take it in hand with the king and then cross to the ace of diamonds on board. A low club is thrown on the ace of spades and now the defence can take only three tricks—a club, a diamond and a heart. So four hearts bid and made by South.
I would like to hear from readers about their favourite hands—please do contact me at [email protected] Bridge Club of Chiang Mai welcomes all players. We have members from seventeen different countries already. For information on the Club go to the web site

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Bridge in Paradise