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Vol. XIII No.8 - Sunday April 20, 2014 - Saturday May 3, 2014

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Arts - Entertainment

A Midsummer Night’s Musical Delight

Teacher Narin plays Elgar’s Salut d’Amour accompanied by Ajaan Santi Saengthong

By Jai Pee
The Head of the Music School in Sirimangklanjan Soi 5, Ajaan Santi Saengthong arranged a concert to help some of his recent examinee successes gain confidence and entertain a good-sized audience at the end of March. This was a very good opportunity for ourselves the public, plus parents and relatives, to witness first-hand the prowess and skills of those much younger than us – and a very good, lively and interesting evening it proved to be. The range of music was quite incredible dating from Baroque composers such as Pachelbel and Bach through composers of the Classical period including Mozart and Dussek, the Romantic period in the form of Beethoven and Brahms and ending in the more modern period with Shostakovitch. The pieces performed included dances – minuets and waltzes – the opening of Mozart’s magical Serenade ‘Eine Kleine Nachtmusik’ and lyrical melodies by Elgar and Torrega for example. This was a golden opportunity for the young people to excel – which they did abundantly, at various levels of study and tackling some really challenging pieces on violin and piano. The ages ranged from 9 to 29 and beyond – since three teachers from the school including Ajaan Santi himself, presented short pieces to the delight of the audience. There was some nervousness and hesitation from the performers, all part of the learning process and the young people managed to overcome these problems with steady determination and control.
It is always with great pleasure and a great sense of awe and wonder to me that young people living in a very unique foreign country such as Thailand can understand and perform music written half-way across the world with such eloquence and at times, such passion – the great composer Richard Strauss who was born 150 years ago in Munich, Germany, once said that music was the noblest of all art forms that bridged the gap between people of all races and tongues and helped to establish a common understanding that might lead to peace – what we heard from our young performers and teachers last Sunday goes a long way to proving that point. The artists came from very different backgrounds and different schools but all showed confidence and dexterity achieved through hard work and solid practice. Congratulations go to the several performers - Sorn aged 15, Preme aged 18, Takato aged 9, Napat aged 15, Napatsorn aged 15, Nasha aged 13, and Maxime aged 12. Teachers Narin on the violin and Warika (Apple) on the piano gave us robust performances which were completed by the ‘boss’ himself, Ajaan Santi dazzling us with his interpretation of Chopin’s remarkable 1834 composition Fantasie-Impromptu. The musical section of the evening ended with a group ensemble performance of Pachelbel’s famous Canon arranged for piano and keyboards and a luscious sound it made too. The young people were then thrilled to be presented with gifts and certificates from Dr Bennett Lerner, international pianist and judge and former teacher in Chiang Mai. A strong vote of thanks should also go to the capacity audience for supporting our young people and for helping them to go some way to achieving the philosophy contained in the wonderful words of wisdom from Richard Strauss above.


Gente at Sangdee

Artist Nicolas Luna and one of his pieces at Sangdee Gallery.

By LiLi Tan
Mexican-American artist Nicolas Luna held his exhibition, titled Gente at Sangdee Gallery on Sirimangkalajarn Road Soi 5 on April 4, 2014. The title, which means people in Spanish, was given because Nic has always found people to be the most fascinating subjects to draw, finding that people exist and thrive because of a web of relationships. His figures are often intertwined because we our thanks to the hundreds of not thousands or millions of people who directly and indirectly help us to live and thrive.
Nic noted that his lines are not perfect because he does not want to present a false idea that any person is perfect, he added that it is the imperfections that make people interesting. He also said, “The shaky lines are due in part to my inexperience and as I grow more skilled they will also improve, but this must happen with time, I do not wish to belabor upon my images now just to project something that I am not yet. Or perhaps, may never be. I prefer to spend that time improving my skills by making more drawings.”
Nic is a four year resident of Chiang Mai, heading the Art Department at Varee International Program.

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A Midsummer Night’s Musical Delight

Gente at Sangdee



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