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The Challenges of Walking On Nimmanhaeman Road

Dear CMM Editor,

This now-fashionable area has developed over recent years from a rural backwater in to Chiang Mai's premier street for the location of upmarket shops, restaurants, coffee shops, shopping centres and hotels. It attracts masses of tourists. However, the street itself has unfortunately not yet been upgraded to match!

From the Maya end all the way to the CMU art centre other end of Nimmer. Road, there is not yet even a single safe crossing  point, with traffic lights.

True, a pedestrian crossing is now painted on to the road surface about half way along it, outside Tescos. But because no traffic lights are situated there, this does nothing at all to stop the traffic flow, which is constant. Pedestrians have to risk injury or death by darting quickly between rare gaps in the traffic, to cross any point of this always-busy road.

The many food stalls, motorbikes and even cars parked right on Nimman’s sidewalks (meant for pedestrians) block them, forcing pedestrians to go in to the road itself to be able to get along - which, of course, is very dangerous.

The authorities need to prosecute those food stalls and vehicles blocking the sidewalk of Chiang Mai's main tourist street. They need to install a couple of pedestrian bridges or sets of traffic lights in the middle part of this road. They also need to enforce the regulations by having traffic policemen monitor that vehicles do actually stop at the red lights and that motorbike riders keep off the sidewalks.

Once they've done all that, then they can turn their attention to removing the mid-sidewalk advertising signs, trees, lamp posts, hanging electricity wires and other blocking ''street furniture'' and to re-paving the very uneven sidewalk surfaces. All these things would bring the Nimman. Road up to international standards, and be safer and less off-putting for visiting pedestrians.

The businesses in that area reap good profits from visitors, so they could be asked to chip in to help cover the costs of upgrading Nimman. Road.


Jill Denby.

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Update September 14, 2016

The Challenges of Walking On Nimmanhaeman Road

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