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Update February 2016

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Update by Natrakorn Paewsoongnern
MAIL BAG  [email protected]

In reply to the letter from Lampang Rotary

Dear Editor,
The days of burning Sugar Cane crops are well over. Lampang Rotary & BCC Ltd well behind in the race to stop burning. There has been a Mobile Shredder in the Horticultural industry for decades. (Tree Lopping) In most advanced Countries harvesting is done with a mobile Harvester That Cuts the stalk top & bottom then feeds it into the machine where the trash is stripped , then cut into 6" Pieces & fed into the accompanying Vehicle. The Trash is Mulched and returned to the ground to be plowed under. Arriving at the Mill in a clean state it is ready for processing. These 6" pieces do away with the over loader (Top Heavy.) Trucks we see on the roads at Harvest Time. These harvesters can Cut 40 Tons an Hour. At the Mill The cane is pressed & the Juice moves on for the next process. The residue is called "Bagasse" and has many uses in the commercial world such as mixed with Molasses (A Bi- Product of the Mill.) it is sold as Stock Feed. It can be compressed and made into Ply- Board or anything of this nature. Its uses seem unlimited. As it is a dry substance it burns cleaner than the uncut cane it can generate enough electricity to power the whole mill and more. To be truthful I do miss the spectacular Burn Off.

Lampang Rotary works to offer farmers an alternative to burning

The ticket for the upcoming Bike For Health Event organized by the Rotary Club of Lampang.

Dear Editor,
I wanted to make you aware of an initiative to rid Thailand of the curse of agricultural stubble burning. It is an annual plague that fills hospitals, kills many and poisons the environment. If farmers were to shred the stubble instead of burning it they could use the resultant product as fertiliser or sell it as biomass for power generation, or both.

The new shredder that the Rotary Club of Lampang would like to see increased to work with the local Lampang farmers to avoid burning.

The initiative is being mounted in Lampang, by the Lampang Rotary Club in fact in association with BKE Combustion Controls Co Ltd. who together have developed a prototype shredder which finely shreds all agricultural waste, safely and cleanly, for recycling purposes. So far the test results have been very good. We estimate that we will need to build several such shredders for use by the Lampang farming community and this of course has a cost. We want the farmers to have access to a shredder for free initially. It's the best incentivisation. But of course, it isn't just Lampang that is affected or afflicted by stubble burning. It is Chiang Mai too and virtually the entire country. Also, as you know, the problem crosses many international borders.
While the Lampang Rotary Club is building the first from its own resources we need financial help to build the rest.
As a first 'event' we have organized a family bike run called Bike for Health & the Environment for 24 January and we invite you to participate or observe as you wish. The route is through some beautiful rice fields where unfortunately we are also likely to see many plumes of smoke.
Best wishes
Lampang Rotary

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Update January 25, 2016

In reply to the letter from Lampang Rotary

Update January 8, 2016

Lampang Rotary works to offer farmers an alternative to burning


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