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Nature’s Paradise at Royal Agricultural Station Angkhang

Nature’s Paradise at Royal Agricultural Station Angkhang

Royal Agricultural Station Angkhang entrance

Story by Angkhang public relations office
Photos by Nopniwat Krailerg
At The Royal Agricultural Station at Angkhang, tourists will be charmed by the summit of the mountain, known as Doi Angkhang. Every year during the cold season, Doi Angkhang is a good host, welcoming tourists from around the world who come to experience the beauty of the numerous blooming plants that grow so well on Doi Angkhang.

Palaung’s experimental field (one of the hill tribes who live at Doi Angkhang)

At the site of the first royal project’s research center, there are many places to view the beauty of nature and to study agriculture. Bonsai Angkhang is a location exotic plant lovers should not miss. They will not only see the charming-looking shape of the plants, they will also see numerous temperate-climate plants in small pots. These include fruit bonsai’s (Peach, Plum, Sandy Pear, and Apple), standing-timber bonsai’s (Azalea, Camellia, and Magnolia), and many kinds of pines.
Garden 80 contains an outdoor plant garden, which gathers temperate-climate flowering plants, standing timbers, flowering bush, and seasonal garden trees such as Delphinium, Pancy Viola, and Sakura.
There is also a garlic garden, Kham Doi garden, and British rose garden, which collects exotic flowering plants.
At the outdoor gardens, there are experimental fruit fields which produce seasonal crops such as Peaches (in summer), Plums (during rainy season), and Kiwis and Strawberries (in winter). Vegetables at Angkhang are gathered in a temperate-climate vegetable greenhouse so tourists can learn about new experimental crops from the royal project.
Before finishing touring the station, do not forget to take photos.
Tourists are not only able to see beautiful flowers. There is also a coffee corner and souvenir counters where you can purchase gifts for your family back home.

Black Lahu children selling souvenirs at the village

Tourists can traverse the Royal Agricultural Station Angkhang by foot or by driving to each site. There are many interesting tourism activities provided, such as mule riding. Bike riders will be happy because the Royal Agricultural Station Angkhang provides rental bikes for those who favor riding.
A tour guide service is provided to make the trip around the station and study nature in the forest. There are interesting routes, such as Sakura Route, where you can see beautiful pink Sakura during winter, or Spike Pine Route where many varieties of pines await.
The Royal Agricultural Station Angkhang is not only a temperate-climate plant research station, but is also a great place for visitors who will be impressed by the beauty of nature on the mountain. All thanks must go to HM the King for his virtue and efforts, without which none of this would be possible.
More information can be found at: www.angkhang.com.

Swiss Chard, one of the temperate-climate plants at the Royal Agricultural Station Angkhang

Atmosphere of Angkhang