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Kasembundit students study tourism in the North

World Teacher, Tulshi Sen, visits Thailand.


Kasembundit students study tourism in the North

Kasembundit students met at the Imperial Mae Ping before heading out
to visit the sites and study tourism in Chiang Mai and the north.

By Jittarporn Charasrum

The TAT has launched a program with higher educational institutes to study tourism in Chiang Mai, Lamphun, and Lampang.

Asst. Prof. Dr. Amnuay Suwannakitchboriharn, the Dean of Liberal Arts of Kamsembundit University and Head of the delegation told Chiang Mai Mail on February 21 at Imperial Mae Ping Hotel that about 320 students in the 3rd an 4th year and in the field of hotel and tourism studies from Kasembundit University’s Faculty of Liberal Arts came to the North February 20-23 to study tourist related businesses and observe the tourism climate.

“This field trip stresses on teaching students to pay more interest to local Thai history, arts, cultures and their problems, so that they can help promote and preserve their valuable arts and culture,” he said.

He said especially the beauties of temple arts and literature, the culture and the local people’s way of life and the generosity of the Northern people are the main attractions. “These people are always really nice to give a warm welcome to guests and visitors,” he added.

“To visit Chiang Mai means they could see really and learn more about our image; the ideas, concepts, beauty and goodness of people, as well as arts and culture. One of our activities is to focus on tourism studies and Chiang Mai is outstanding in this field,” he said.

The students visited major tourist destinations such as Wiang Khum Kam, Ban Tawai, Wat Phra Singh and many other Wats, the Chiang Mai Night Safari and royal projects in Doi Saket as well as Wat Phrathat Haripunchai in Lamphun and Wat Phrathat Lampang Luang in Lampang.

World Teacher, Tulshi Sen, visits Thailand.

Good news for business executives, entrepreneurs and anyone interested in learning more on how to be truly successful as innovators, leaders and effective communicators.

Tulshi Sen has effectively harmonized the eastern and western principles so that it can be applied and practiced by anyone who wants to build a successful life, be it in business, or a family, a career, relationships, romance, or any other field of function. His teachings inspire creativity, the heart and soul of success in today’s world.

He lectures internationally; his work involves both the corporate world and individual lives. His breakthrough scientific principles are the blending of Eastern and Western philosophy. During his visit to Thailand, Tulshi Sen will be making a series of special presentations on how to be an effective communicator and on ‘The Seven Laws of Leadership’.

His first presentation will take place at Sangdee Gallery in Chiang Mai, Tuesday 1st March 2011, 7– 9 p.m. ‘The Art and Science of Public Speaking and Private Discussion’. The presentation will include: - Entering into the spirit of speaking. - Understanding the mechanics and application of Public Speaking. - The Rewards of public speaking and private discussion”.Suggested donation: 500 baht. For bookings and more information please contact: Neville Powis: 08-9429-6620. [email protected]