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Chiang Mai FC to train at PTIS

Chiang Mai FC to train at PTIS

Chiang Mai FC Coach René Desaeyere is welcomed
by Traidhos President David Baird to train at the PTIS campus.

By Paul Middleton

As of the beginning of March, Chiang Mai FC will be visiting the Traidhos Three-Generation for Learning campus to take advantage of the on-site training facilities and pool complex. Initially the club will be visiting the campus for just one day a week in order to assess the extent to which the setup suits them, and will reflect on the partnership at a later date. The move comes after new Coach, Mr. René Desaeyere, made the move to the Chiang Mai Tigers after an incredibly successful spell at Bangkok rivals, Muangthong United. While at Muangthong, Mr. Desaeyere trained his players on the grounds of Harrow International School, and has been looking for a similar situation since his move to Chiang Mai.

Traidhos President, Mr. David Baird, commented on the partnership saying, “This is a good opportunity for us to showcase our sports fields and will give the grounds staff great pride that the local professionals will be using our facilities.” Mr. Baird went on to say, “This will lead to better conditions for our PE classes and teams, as the Chiang Mai athletics events will not be affected since the priority is PTIS students.”

The move comes at an exciting time for the Tigers who have just begun a new campaign in the Thai Division 1 after a successful promotion from Division 2, finishing second behind Buriram FC. Despite losing their opening game away to Thai Honda FC, it is hoped with a well-structured training ground and the experience of Mr. Desaeyere, the Tigers can really make a mark on this league.
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