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Chiang Mai Fest kicks off at 3 Kings Monument

BCCT Networking at Mokador

Unite for Japan raises 380,000 Baht

Cricket Sixes opens in Chiang Mai

Mokador hosts Embassy Club launch

Shaken not stirred


Chiang Mai Fest kicks off at 3 Kings Monument

Mr. Nikolaus Prachensky; Advisor of Earth, Wind and Fire Company Limited,
and Event Promoter, Mr. Yut Wanichanond join one of the artists who is joining the event.

By Shana Kongmun

The Chiang Mai Fest kicked off at the 3 Kings Monument on Friday evening with a grand opening ceremony attended by Dr. Chao Duang Duan Na Chiang Mai, President of Chiang Mai Provincial Culture Council, Deputy Governor of Chiang Mai Naruemol Plawat, Pensuda Priaram, Deputy Governor of Tourism Products and Business for the Tourism Authority of Thailand, Chalermsak Suranont of the Chiang Mai TAT and many other distinguished guests and artists.

A tour of the art in the upstairs rooms of the Art and Culture Museum was one of the highlights of the opening, and the art there will be on display until April 30. A dance by dancers from Playhouse Entertainment Complex and the Chiang Mai Russian Ballet started the opening ceremony and event organizer Yut Wanichanond of Earth, Wind and Fire Co. Ltd joined Deputy Governor Naruemol and Deputy TAT Governor Pensuda in painting umbrellas to open the ceremony in a unique touch.

A bagpiper from the popular band the Itinerants opened the show as Governor ML Panadda Diskul joined the other distinguished guests. Later performances included Frans Bloem, the Jigger Bigger Band, Viva Pop Opera Voice Band and Nanthida Khaewbuasai.

Food and drink are provided at the event with delicious food on offer from the Mandarin Oriental Dhara Devi, Holiday Inn Chiang Mai, Rimping Supermarket, Amari Rincome, Centara Duangtawan, the Imperial Mae Ping Hotel, Le Meridien and Kantary Hills. Don’t forget to try the unique rice wine on offer.
The Chiang Mai Fest runs from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. until April 10. Be sure to go to the 3 Kings Monument and enjoy the music, dance and art in this first event of its kind, and one promoters hope to repeat yearly.

The Ballet performance opened the afternoon’s grand opening ceremony.

Deputy Governor Naruemol Plawat, Deputy TAT Governor Pensuda Priaram
and event organizer Yut Wanichanond open the event by painting on umbrellas.

Dr Sarawut Srisagon, CEO of the Chiang Mai Night Safari (2nd left) and his staff join one of the artists displaying his unique handmade papers.

Chiang Mai Governor ML Panadda Diskul (center) arrived in time for the music and was joined by Dr. Chao Duang Duan Na Chiang Mai (2nd left) event organizers and Chalermsak Suranont of the TAT (far right).

 A bagpiper from the band the Itinerants opened the Chiang Mai Fest.

Frans Bloem and his accompanist was one of the acts that performed Friday evening.

BCCT Networking at Mokador

Graham MacDonald (center) was joined by Colin Jarvis (left)
and a friend at the networking evening.

By Shana Kongmun

The British Chamber of Commerce Thailand (BCCT) and Networking One were joined by sponsor Manpower in hosting the BCCT Networking One evening at Mokador Coffee Shop opposite Wat Phra Singh on Friday, April 8, 2011.

Graham MacDonald of the BCCT and Peter Smith of AA Insurance and the head of the BCCT North were in town for the event and discussed the need for a British Chamber in Chiang Mai. As Peter Smith pointed out, “It’s the British Chamber of Thailand, not Bangkok.”

Simon Matthews, Country Manager for the International company Manpower, was happy to come to Chiang Mai to sponsor the event, noting that Manpower has a large force in Lamphun. He added that Lamphun has more than just the usual industry but also a large electronics presence there.

Christina Dodd, a corporate and personal coach, chatted with Anja De Jongh of Import-Export Oriental Art tended to discuss more personal issues, including the idea that too many Westerners think achieving things is the means to happiness. While Tony and Carole Archer chatted with Mokador hostess Susan Voss about the less ephemeral and the more down to earth topic of her delicious canapés!

Peer Andersen was there with his lovely wife and mentioned the black clouds on the horizon when they left their home. Rain held off in the city until late night, so the event concluded successfully at around 8:30. Many networkers considered stopping by 3 Kings Monument to listen to the music while others were looking forward to the Chiang Mai International Cricket Sixes Finals the next day.

Host Jerry Voss of Mokador shared a drink with Christina Dodd and Simon Matthews of Manpower, one of the evening’s sponsors.

Peer and Benjarattana Andersen join Mrs. Jarvis and were discussing
the Festival at the 3 Kings Monument.

Peter Smith of AA Insurance and Christina Dodd join Manpower country
Manager Simon Matthews in front of the sponsor banner.

Tony and Carole Archer enjoy the networking evenings at Mokador.

Peer Andersen and Arjan of the We Women NGO talk about his latest work there.

Unite for Japan raises 380,000 Baht

By Shana Kongmun

Citylife Gardens were the scene of a huge fundraising charity concert for Japan, Unite for Japan, on Saturday, April 2, 2011. The event started in the afternoon and ran through the evening featuring fantastic performances from Chiang Mai’s many talented musicians.

The silent auction saw people bidding on donated hotel stays, furniture, art, clothing and more.

Several Thai ajarns played music, with Ajarn Wasunchai on the keyboard starting the show, followed by Irish ballads and then Ajarn Pipatpong and his group playing some beautiful traditional music. Ajarn Plem played the trumpet accompanied by Rungson who also accompanied Ajarn Pond on the violin. Chai Blues and Boy Blues Band got together and played some outstanding blues that knocked everyone’s socks off.

A message from the Japan Consul General in Chiang Mai Kazuo Shibata left everyone touched. Then Book Kittavadhana and Ong-ard Kanchaisak wowed the crowd with their fabulous voices and beautiful harmonies. Harmonica Sunrise got the crowd moving and the evening closed out with Por, Hirogi and Art trio.

With a silent auction with a huge number of donated items from area businesses including the Le Crystal, Art Space, the Elephant Life Experience, Onyx furniture, dusit D2, Four Season, Mandarin Oriental Dhara Devi, Fashion King as well as raffle tickets offering another huge number of prizes from Tamarind Village and more as well as ticket sales, the event raised more than 340,000 Baht. The funds are going to Second Harvest Japan which provides food resources to those in need and has been working hard delivering aid to those in the hardest hit regions of Japan.

Some of the beautiful water hyacinth furniture donated by Onyx.

Ajarn Pipatpong and students played traditional Thai music for the event.

Po Garden of Sangdee Gallery and his friend enjoyed the charity concert.

Chai Blues and Boy Blues Band rocked the event with their outstanding blues performances.

Chairat Kamonoratep of Tita Gallery, Mark Stevenson, U.S. Consul General Susan Stevenson, Duenpen “Boong” Chaladlam and her friend chatted during the party.

Pim Kemasingki praised her staff for the excellent job they did organizing the raffle, silent auction and concert in such a short period of time.

Cricket Sixes opens in Chiang Mai

Frank Sethi of Fashion King joins Puttivat (Parn) Poshyanondo, Chairman of the Chiang Mai Cricket Foundation and of the Chiang Mai Schools Cricket Alliance, and Paul Dawson at the opening party.

Teams came from all over the world, including this one from neighboring Vietnam.

Another one of the many visiting teams that makes up
the International Chiang Mai Cricket Sixes.

Miguel’s of Nong Hoi is just one of the many vendors
offering food at the Chiengmai Gymkhana Club grounds.

Local favorites the Stuffed Beavers features
well known Chiang Mai resident Chas Begley and friends.

The welcome party for the visiting teams for the 24th Annual International Chiang Mai Cricket Sixes was held Saturday night, April 2, 2011 at the Pornping Hotel and saw many of the 32 visiting teams from 13 different countries at the party.

Welcome returnees were the Awali Taverners, Yorkshire Puddings as well as teams from Vietnam, Australia and India. The International Cricket Sixes is a popular stop for both the serious and “gentleman’s” teams as the hospitality of Chiang Mai and the beauty of the Chiengmai Gymkhana Club grounds are most welcoming.

Play continues through Saturday when the finals take place with the Children’s tournament on Wednesday and Thursday and worth a visit if only to see the enthusiasm and fun the youngsters have playing cricket.

Admission is free to all and play begins at 9:30 a.m. and ends at 5 p.m.

Mokador hosts Embassy Club launch

Networking One and AA Insurance were joined by sponsors Complete Web Asia, Tropical Nuclear Cider, the Olde Bell, Oelmaier Technology and Mokador in welcoming the launch of the new Embassy Club and its magazine Embassy LifeStyle in Chiang Mai.

Jerry and Susan Voss were delightful hosts that kept the crowd well fed and watered.

The evening was well attended by local business people who enjoyed the trendy and modern atmosphere of Mokador. Everyone commented on the delicious appetizers and service and commended owners Jerry and Susan Voss for the impressive venue.

The new magazine, Embassy LifeStyle will be distributed locally and feature reviews and articles of interest to local expats. The services the Embassy Club offers to its members can be found online at http://www.embassyclub.asia/ and includes discounts and assistance with bookings, travel plans, and free to everyone they offer assistance in dealing with hospitals and communication with doctors, and Thai authorities.

The evening saw Pedr Fawkes of the Olde Bell drop in before returning to his pub to celebrate his birthday, everyone joined in to wish him a very happy birthday. Linda Pfotenhauer reported back that her daughter Jessica’s petition drive to get lions listed on the CITES protected species list delivered to the National Geographic in Washington DC and that they hoped it had made a difference.

Additional visitors included Ralph Van den Berg who noted that Horeca is having an open house sale this weekend, from 5-9 p.m. at their offices on the Superhighway. Rob Kelly of Kelly’s Fish and Chips shop at Meechoke Plaza dropped in to sample some Tropical Nuclear Cider at its first introduction to Chiang Mai. Tropical Nuclear Cider is the first Thailand produced cider available on the market and a must for cider lovers to try. Honorary Dutch Consul Peter van Loo also stopped by to meet people and learn more about the services the Embassy Club had on offer, noting that it was a good idea especially for people who don’t speak much Thai.

The evening wound to an end and Jerry and Susan Voss have a week to prepare the café for the next networking event hosted there by the British Chamber of Commerce on April 8.

Pedr and Beer of the Olde Bell join Boonyarat Buripia in sampling the new Tropical Nuclear Cider.

Gary Newitt explains the Embassy Club concept to Dutch Honorary Consul Peter van Loo.

Rob Kelly enjoys the cider at the networking evening.

Carl Galea of Complete Web Asia was one of the evening’s sponsors.

Linda and Jessica Ptofenhauer reported on Jessica’s petition drive to place lions on the CITES protected species list.

Shaken not stirred

 007 night at the Mandarin Oriental Dhara Devi

Mark Stevenson, recently back from his amazing run through the Atacama desert in Chile, shows off his style at the shooting gallery.

The man with the golden gun was one of many great costumes at the event.

By Shana Kongmun

Elegance and flair abounded at the Mandarin Oriental Dhara Devi on Friday, April 1, 2011 when the hotel threw a 007 party with Citylife Magazine. From the giant gun over the doorway to the Bond themed cocktails like Cosmo Royale, the evening saw the men dressed to kill and the ladies likewise!

A fun evening was had by all with the shooting gallery and the nitrogen-frozen drinks mixed by the Akaligo’s chef to the delight of all. The frozen margarita was a must try.

Bond music and theme songs from all the movies played during the evening and guests had fun trying to pick out which movie belonged to which song. Toby Allen of Oasis Spa dropped by after just returning from a visit to the U.S. and Japan. Martin Venzky-Stalling impressed with his prowess at the shooting gallery while Mark Stevenson cut a dashing figure in his tux with his lovely wife U.S. Consul General Susan Stevenson wearing a striking green sequined dress.

The evening ended with dancing and drinks and many stopped out front to take their photo with the owner’s fabulous new Bentley.

Jerri Matthayamphan is joined by her friend Howard and a sexy mannequin!

Tuxedoes were the order of the day for most of the men.

Pim Kemasingki of Citylife is joined by the owners and the general manager of the Mandarin Oriental Dhara Devi for the lucky draws.