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Mae Kha Canal

Fund raising


Mae Kha Canal

Dear Editor:

I wonder if an article on the current work being done on the Mae Kha Canal may help English readers understand exactly what the government is up to. You last wrote an article on it in 2005. Currently a fetid lake of mud has been created by contractors around the portion near to the section between the Prince and New Asia Hotels. This looks like a prime breeding ground for all sorts of diseases and seems to be that it is going to be here for a long time at the rate of work observed.

I observe local residents chucking rubbish into this mud lake just to make matters worse.

As I understood it, the government is installing drainage so that residents can connect their waste water outlet papers to these drainage system. However, exactly how these connections will be made a has not been made clear to residents and some seem to be digging pits alongside their properties between the houses and the concrete walls of the canal which looks as if it may undermine the whole foundations of the houses by messing with the water table.

Some health and safety and engineering assessment of all what is going on and practical information for residents from the paper would be welcome.

Best wishes


Fund raising

Dear Editor,

I can only commend those kind hearted people out raising funds for the Japanese disaster. However, it seems a bit lopsided that so much money is being raised for a really rich country when so many people in Southern Thailand are suffering badly too. Perhaps some of these big fundraisers could consider splitting the money to help out their own countrymen too. Or perhaps hold separate events?

I understand that the enormity of the disaster in Japan compels people to help, and that’s great, but from what I understand the kind of help they need right now doesn’t come from money but physical help. Actually, I guess the same could be said for the South which has seen mudslides wipe away villages and homes.

Here’s hoping that the same incredible generosity of spirit people have shown Japan can be extended towards those currently suffering in Thailand too.


Helping out