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Oysters Kilpatrick

Oysters are a somewhat up-market and expensive item, with Fin de Clair or Sydney Rock Oysters being considered true delicacies. Purists will say that oysters should only be eaten raw, but there are many ways to present this delicacy, including the Dusit Chef Adrian’s modestly named Oysters Adrian. However, Oysters Kilpatrick is a popular alternative way to eat oysters. It is also a way you can offer your guests oysters, but very cheaply from the local markets. With local oysters less than 100 baht a bag, here's a way to the high life - on the cheap! All you have to do is save the oyster shells from a previous dinner out!

Ingredients                 serves 4
Oysters                                    48
Oyster shells                            24
Worcestershire sauce               1 tspn
Cream                                     1 cup
Pepper and salt
Bacon rashers, chopped finely   250 gm

Cooking Method

Put cleaned shells on a baking tray and heat in a moderate oven. Mix Worcestershire sauce and cream. When shells are hot, place two oysters on each shell. Use tongs to handle the shells, as they get very hot. Add a little of the cream mixture to each shell; sprinkle with pepper and salt.
Top the oysters with chopped bacon and fine breadcrumbs. Place baking tray under a hot griller and grill until bacon is crisp but not burnt and oysters are warmed through.

Tom Khlong Pla (a sour fish soup)

Another traditional Thai soup, and one that is very easy to make. All ingredients are available locally but if you cannot get what you need in the supermarket, then send a Thai friend to the local markets who will be able to find everything extremely cheaply. (Even if you can find everything at the supermarket, it is worth an hour just to scour the local markets and see the huge range that is available - and the prices!) As usual, you can decrease the amount of chilli spiciness by reducing the number of chillies used.

Ingredients             Serves 2-3
Dried fish (or fresh shrimp)     300 gm
Water                                   3 cups
Shallots                                      5-6
Salt (or 2-3 tbsp. fish sauce) 1 tbspn
Lemon juice to taste
Young tamarind flowers or leaves 1 cup
Hot chillies                                      5

Cooking Method

Wash fish and roast over grill until fragrant, and cut into small slices. In a pot, bring the water to a boil then add crushed shallots and fish. Boil until fish is tender, skimming off froth. Add tamarind flowers and season with lemon juice and salt (or fish sauce) to obtain a sour and salty taste. Add chillies and serve hot. (If shrimp is used, remove shell and vein, boil for a short time then proceed as above.)

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