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Rain doesn’t slow the Summer Fun Splash

Sally Ward calls of the ticket buyers eliminated from the final round at the Summer Fun Splash Party held at the Centre of the Universe on June 25.

The Summer Fun Splash Party held at the Centre of the Universe Swimming Pool on Saturday, June 25 was only slightly dampened by the steady downpour of rain that began in the afternoon and continued on during the evening. The party was held to raise funds for the Chiang Mai branch of the Royal British Legion and their Poppy Appeal.

The evening was catered by Miguels of Nong Hoi and Randi Egan and her staff worked hard to provide tasty food for everyone, despite the rain. Some of the children and a few of the adults decided that if they were going to get anyway, might as well swim in the pool! Korbin Unland said, “The water wasn’t cold and I had a lot of fun!”

The Summer Fun Splash was well attended by over 60 people who made it out in the rain and raised around 9,000 Baht for the British Royal Legion. The big prize of 10,000 Baht was split between Jo Baggaley and staff at the Centre of the Universe pool. The staff generously donated their prize money back to the Royal Legion. The next draw is planned for August 10, tentatively set at the Olde Bell on Loi Kroh.

Camera shy Trevor calls out the eliminated numbers.

Gary Newitt of AA Insurance is joined by friends at the party at the Centre of the Universe.

Jerry and Susan Voss, partners in Mokador Coffee Shop, enjoyed the evening and the great food.

Sally Ward and the winners show off their takings!

Panyaden School Director discusses morality at CM Expats

The Chiang Mai Expats Club draws visitors from all over the world interested in learning more about life in Chiang Mai.

The Chiang Mai Expats Club held their monthly meeting at the Shangri La Hotel where Panyaden School Director Neil Amas discussed some the principles that the school is founded upon and called upon members to discuss those ethics and morals that they feel are somehow lacking in society today. The resulting discussion was quite lively but Neil showed off his teaching skills and got the room orderly after the 5 minutes allotted for the discussion.

His explanation of the values the school embraces and teaches impressed many members and he found a crowd gathered around him after the meeting. Interested parties can learn more at

A new sponsor, Learn Thai Online, was introduced and he discussed his alternative and unique method of learning Thai. Lucy Coombs is organizing a trip to Lamphun’s Dhamma Park next month and asked that interested parties contact her at [email protected].

Next month’s meeting will be on the 23rd of July and will feature Kevin Richardson talking about his passion; the settlement of White Australia.

The Chiang Mai Expats Club meets at the Shangri La Hotel at 10:30 a.m. on the last Saturday of each month.

Panayden School Director Neil Amas introduced the school to the Expats Club and discussed its unique method of learning and value based education.

Duenpen “Boong” Chaladlam is a regular visitor to the Expats Club, seen here with her friend Pete.

Chiang Mai Expats Club meets the last Saturday of every month at the Shangri La, here visitors John, Isabelle and Phillip enjoy the meeting.

ToyRide visits Doi Saket orphanage

Chiang Mai ToyRiders took off from the Tesco Lotus Khamtien on Saturday, June 18 to deliver toys to an orphanage in Doi Saket. (Photo courtesy of Ron Lister)

The Chiang Mai ToyRide set off to deliver toys and to view the gift of bunkbeds and mattresses that ToyRide donations made possible for the children at the Mercy Home for orphans in Doi Saket on Saturday, June 18, 2011.

One of the riders distributed apples to the kids, who really enjoyed them as you can see. (Photo courtesy of Ron Lister)

The home houses 36 boys and girls under the age of 10, mainly Hmong, Lisu, Karen and Thai children. The home currently has no sponsorship at all and subsists off of donations so Chiang Mai ToyRide gifts were greatly appreciated. The ToyRide visited the home in May and used funds to purchase shoes for the children as well as 10 bunk beds and mattresses and some wardrobes for them to store their clothes.

Balloon animals and shapes were just some of the many fun things that the kids got to play with. (Photo courtesy of Ron Lister)

The ToyRide visit saw clowns, fun and games and, of course, Toys. About 20 motorcycles and 30 people paid a visit to the orphanage to present the toys and provide the children with rides on some of their motorcycles, much to most kids’ great pleasure.

The main annual event was held earlier this year when the ToyRide hosted a huge day out for children at the Chiang Mai X Centre.

Contact Chiang Mai ToyRide for more information:

Kids at the orphanage were thrilled to see the piles of toys and stuffed animals. (Photo courtesy of Ron Lister)

The kids from the orphanage clearly enjoyed the visit by the Chiang Mai ToyRide, (Photo courtesy of Ron Lister)

The Chiang Mai ToyRide donated 10 bunk beds and mattresses, wardrobes and socks and shoes for the kids. (Photo courtesy of Ron Lister)

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Rain doesn’t slow the Summer Fun Splash

Panyaden School Director discusses morality at CM Expats

ToyRide visits Doi Saket orphanage