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In Memory of Ron Amero - three years later

Family and friends gather to remember Ron on the third anniversary of his death.

Lewis Underwood

Its hard to believe our pal, Ron, has been gone 3 years down the road already. His image and character are still vivid in our minds and his exploits more legendary than ever. With the passage of time, his memory never loses its luster.

Last Monday, May 2nd, we met at Cafe Kronborg, before riding caravan-style out to Ad Carabao’s estate in Sattahip to commemorate Ron’s 3rd death anniversary. His final resting place lies here on an idyllic hillside beneath the canopy of the jungle.

Ad and Ron were tight; in fact, Ad delivered his heartfelt eulogy at the funeral. Moreover, before Ron succumbed to his cancer, Ad had promised him a special spot to become one with mother earth.

We had the privilege of visiting this very special place last Monday. It was a great gathering of folks led by Stella, Ron’s mother, her friends from Canada and several of his local buddies, who are still holding down the fort here.

The day was gorgeous, which was contrary to our visit two years ago on Ron’s first death anniversary, when we got drenched in a torrential rain (all of us thought Ron had a good laugh at us then). But this recent visit was different; Ron was in a conciliatory mood.

The hills were lush and green, the site peaceful and still with birdsong softly wafting from the trees. And there in the clearing at the base of a grand mango tree lays Ron’s ashes as it has for the last 3 years. A tombstone made by Ad that reads:

Ron Amero
May 2, 2008
Tiger Never Die

While standing there quietly taking it all in, someone said, “Let’s make some noise,” which is what we usually do, hoist a bottle of beer and let out a cheer, but again, this day was different. There was a special stillness going on and we chose to relish it and not disrupt the magic of the moment. We think Ron liked it that way on that day too.

Thanks to Bjarne for reminding us of this auspicious occasion and getting us all together, and, especially to Ad for not only being the keeper of our dear friend’s remains, but also a grateful host. Even in his absence he made sure everything was immaculate.

Ron the Tiger was bigger than life itself. He touched our lives in his most inimitable way. We still miss you, pal.

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