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Winter in Love benefit concert for Juvenile Hall Remand Center

Organizers of the event from the Juvenile Observation and Protection Committee were joined by officials from Bangkok for the show.

By Shana Kongmun

Deputy Governor Naruemol Plawat joined Justices and magistrates to enjoy the concert that  Chamaiphan Baude, President of the Juvenile Observation and Protection Committee and other committee members organized to raise funds for the construction of a dining hall and lavatories for the Juvenile Remand Center. The center, which currently holds up to 600 children, severely lacks the toilet and bathroom facilities for such a number of children and so held a fund raising concert on Sunday, November 20.

The concert, featuring stars from the True Academy Fantasia Thailand show, was sold out to many happy, screaming teenagers as popular stars took the stage to sing their favorite songs. Khun Chamaiphan noted that all the performers performed free of charge, the only costs being transportation to Chiang Mai.

Many organizations sponsored the event, including True Academy Fantasia, Nok Air, Grammy Music, MPC Music, TOA, Malee and APM. This allowed the ticket sales to reach the target needed to refurbish the remand center. Many of the kids from the remand center were also at the CMU Convention Center to enjoy the show.

Popular stars took to the stage to entertain the crowd.

The kids enjoyed the concert with many waving signs for their favorite star.

True Academy Fantasia Thailand stars performed at the event free of charge.

Creative Coffee celebrates reading

Christian Koerner, a lecturer from the German Department at the Faculty of Humanities at CMU organized the event to celebrate Global Reading Da[y

The Chiang Mai Creative City committee held a coffee meeting at Chan Neung coffee shop on Nimmanhaemin soi 1 on November 21, 2011. The meeting was held to as part of Global Reading Day in memory of Heinrich von Kleist, a German author who died on November 21 in 1811.

The well attended event filled the little coffee shop that served tasty desserts and coffee, with many Thai students studying German attending along with visitors to Chiang Mai and residents. Christian Koerner of the German Language Department at CMU helped to organize the event in cooperation with the German Department at Faculty of Humanities, German Department, the DAAD, and the Goethe Institute.

The works of von Kleist were read aloud in German and in English and visitors joined in reading passages from some of their favorite books. For more information on von Kleist: and Creative City:

German readers all, Anselm Feldmann, Jadranka Conrad and Irish Representative Annette Kunagigon all joined in by reading aloud in German from von Kleist’s works.

Visitors to Chiang Mai joined in the reading, bringing some of their own favorite books to the Chan Neung coffee shop.

New Kids Fusion grand opening on Nimmanhaemin

Owner Alice Moe was joined by staff and friends for the opening of the new shop.

The newest addition to the de Marche shopping center on Nimmanhaemin soi 5 opened on Tuesday, November 22, 2011 with many interested friends and parents attending the event. This new little shop is hosted in the Nimman property store on the second floor and features cute little crocheted animals, doll clothes, hand painted doll furniture, hemp bags, yoga bags and other home accessories.

The products are made in Chiang Mai and the North by local craftspeople and are not only child friendly and baby friendly but environmentally friendly as well. Hemp bags were a feature of the evening as were bags for yoga mats and the cute kids bags were a big hit.

Crocheted giraffes are popular items

This colorful woven hemp bag was modeled by one of the owner’s friends.

Crocheted toys and handpainted furniture were just some of the many things for sale.

These girls enjoyed their modeling gig, showing off the cute crocheted bags.

Models joined Alice Moe at the end of the show.

Access to Justice

M Plus is a community based men’s sexual health organization that works with transgender and MSM male sexual workers to promote healthy sexual practices.

BABSEA-CLE held their first ever Access to Justice Fair at the Kantary Hills Hotel on November 12, one day before the 3rd Annual Trio for Justice Marathon held on Sunday, November 13 which saw well over 120 runners participate. The Fair featured NGO’s working in fields as diverse as women’s issues, transgender and gay rights, hill tribe fair trade, and Burmese environmental and human rights groups. Law students from Chiang Mai University were there to offer free legal advice as well.

BABSE- CLE or Borders Across South East Asian Community Legal Education Initiative works to bring grassroots communities together to overcome poverty, injustice and inequity in South East Asia. The fair was held so that members of the community could meet the many small groups involved in working for human rights and other issues in the region.

Dinah Chung of BABSE-CLE is joined by another organizer for the event.

Organizations from across the region, including Laos, joined in the Access to Justice Fair.

World Fair Trade products were also on display at the event, promoting fair trade for local hilltribes and other residents.

Decked out at Adorn

Lamorna Cheesman (far right) is joined by her models and her mother and daughter at the finish of the fashion show held at Adorn with Studio Naenna on Nimmanhaemin Soi 1

Adorn with Studio Naenna on Nimmanhaemin Soi 1 held a fashion show of new clothes at their shop last Sunday and while the evening drew mostly ladies, a few gentlemen who came along were wowed by the quality and style at the show.

Owner Lamorna Cheesman, a long time resident of Chiang Mai and newly appointed Chiang Mai Creative City Goodwill Ambassador, designed the outfits on show, all made with the gorgeous hand-woven textiles that Studio Naenna is famous for.

Studio Naenna was started in 1986 by Patricia Cheesman, an expert in Thai and Lao textiles and a lecturer at Chiang Mai University to provide a high quality venue for locally woven textiles of silk and cotton.

Lamorna and Patricia Cheesman (center) are joined by friends for the show.

One of the cute day dresses in beautifully hand-woven fabric designed by Lamorna Cheesman.

This day to evening dress incorporates both traditional and modern designs to create a unique look.

Chiang Mai residents honor Remembrance Day

Thomas Walker Bell and Dr. Bob Duncan, two World War 11 veterans, lay their poppies to honor the fallen on Remembrance Day at the Foreign Cemetery.

By Shana Kongmun

Remembrance Day took place on November 11, 2011 at 11 a.m. in Chiang Mai and brings together those who honor members of the military who died in the line of duty. The date harks back to the end of World War 1, at the time the most deadly war in human history, when the armistice was signed between the warring nations in 1918. The day was dedicated by King George V of the United Kingdom in 1919 and has been honored by Commonwealth countries ever since. The United States also adopted the day as Veterans Day, the day is honored in France and Belgium as well.

The red remembrance poppy became a symbol of the day from the poem “In Flanders Fields” which recalls the fields of poppies blooming across World War 1 battlefields.

A member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars unit in Chiang Mai salutes after laying their wreath.

Remembrance Day in Chiang Mai was honored at the Foreign Cemetery where the group was joined by Deputy Head of the U.K. Mission Daniel Pruce, U.S. Consul General Susan Stevenson, French Honorary Consul Thomas Baude, British Honorary Consul Ben Svasti Thomson and Dutch Honorary Consul Peter van Loo. Members of the Veterans of Foreign Wars were joined by community members in laying wreaths and a lone bagpiper played. A member of the Royal Thai Army at Kawila Army Camp played Last Call and the group honored the dead with two minutes of silence.

Two sprightly gentlemen of the very youthful ages of 88 and 90 were honored guests at the event, both World War 11 veterans. Thomas Walker Bell was a bomber pilot during the war while Dr. Bob Duncan took part in Normandy. The two men laid their poppies on the grave together, before turning to walk off together. Members of the active duty service from the U.S. Consulate also joined in laying poppies as did many others. The solemn affair was concluded with a gathering at the nearby Chiangmai Gymkhana Club.

(from left) British Honorary Consul Ben Svasti Thomson, French Honorary Consul Thomas Baude, U.S. Consul General Susan Stevenson and Deputy Head of Mission for the U.K. Daniel Pruce came to the Foreign Cemetery to honor Remembrance Day.

A lone bagpiper played for the gathered crowd.

Two amazing gentlemen, former World War 11 bomber pilot Thomas Walker Bell (left and Dr Bob Duncan who took part in Normandy, were guests at the ceremony.

Members of the Chiang Mai community took part in the ceremony, with both Americans and British taking part.

Yee Peng parades fill the night with light and beauty

A fireworks show that saw fountains of light from in front of the portraits of Their Majesties the King and Queen delighted the crowd.

Yee Peng, as it is called in Chiang Mai, is a days long festival that sees many parades, including the Lantern Parade which took place on the 9th, the Small Krathong Parade on the 10th and the Grand Parade on the 11th. The smaller parade is significant as many primary schools take part and the floats are, while simpler on scale, made with great care. The day of Loy Krathong fell on the 10th and many people flocked to the river to float their Krathong and to join in the grand release of Khom Fai from the bridges and in front of the Municipal building on the river.

The 11th saw the Grand Parade with magnificent floats in amazing detail peopled by gorgeously dressed beautiful girls and handsome boys in traditional costumes. While many floats were in honor of HM the King, others portrayed scenes from ancient stories and myths.

Beautiful girls in fantastic clothing were a highlight of many floats.

The night sky was filled with Khom Fai (cancelling a few flights it would seem!) and the twinkling fires of the Krathong looked like a myriad of sparkling stars floating on the river. A grand fireworks show enthralled the crowd with many oohs and aahs being heard as the fireworks burst directly overhead.

The Yee Peng Festival is a weeklong affair in Chiang Mai and the many visitors to the city who partook in the events will certainly go home with a Loy Krathong to remember.

Primary students worked just as hard on their floats for the Small Krathong Parade on the 10th (Photo courtesy of Chiang Mai Municipality)

Huge floats portraying creatures from mythology were elaborately made for the Grand Parade.

People floated their krathongs on the Ping River and the moat for Loy Krathong (Photo courtesy of Chiang Mai Municipality)

The fantastic floats of the Grand Parade all competed for the Kings Cup Prize.

Thailand Freunde joins the Lantern Parade with cycle rickshaws

The members of Thailand Freunde took part in the Yee Peng Lantern Parade on November 9, 2011.

Around 40 members of Thailand Freunde took part in the Lantern Parade on Tuesday, November 9, 2011 with many riding in traditional bicycle rickshaws and dressed in traditional Lanna and Thai clothing or traditional Bavarian clothing to show their ties to their German roots.

The Lantern parade was well attended and is part of a series of parades that take place during the Yee Peng Festival, the parade was attended by Dr. Chao Duengduan na Chiengmai, who received a spray of orchids from Thailand Freunde’s President Dirk Weeber-Arayatumsopon as did the Minister of Culture HE Sukumol Kunplome and Deputy Mayor Soonthorn Yamsiri.

The Thailand Freunde contingent also carried krathongs indicative of both Thailand and Germany and played lively Bavarian carnival music for the crowds. They handed out candy and flowers to parade watchers as the parade wound its way from Tha Pae Gate to the Night Bazaar. The flowers and candy were made possible by the generous donations of CoCo OK Restaurant, Fashion King Tailors, and the Podology Clinic Chiang Mai and Bangkok.

Thailand Freunde is an international organization that raises funds for various Northern Thailand based charities including the Northern School for the Blind.

The members dressed up in Lanna finery to ride in the cycle rickshaws.

Dog lovers unite to raise funds for Care For Dogs

Karin Hawelka talks about the history of Care for Dogs and her busy day rescuing dogs as emcee Amber Hedges Ferry looks on.

By Shana Kongmun

The Whine and Dine Charity dinner for Care For Dogs was held at Ginger Kafe at the House on Saturday, November 5, 2011 and the event raised over 80,000 Baht to help the dogs at both Care for Dogs and PickAPet4Home Foundation in Bangkok which has been aiding rescue of dogs and cats in the floods in Bangkok.

The event was organized by Julia Bate-Poxon and emceed by Amber Hedges Ferry. There was a silent auction of many donated items including beautiful bags by Miguel, brunch at the Four Seasons, paintings, pillows from Ginger and many other prizes, including a beautiful Jade dog.

Leo and Diana Figueroa are joined by friends at the Ginger Kafe at the House for the Care for Dogs Charity Dinner.

The guests included Todd Bate-Poxon, Deputy head of the U.S. Consulate, Leo Figueroa and his lovely wife Diana, Piergiorgio Lattuille, and of course, one of the founders of Care for Dogs, Karin Hawelka who was joined by her husband Klaus.

Care for Dogs is a non-profit organization that cares for and rehomes abandoned and abused dogs in Chiang Mai as well as sterilizes and vaccinates dogs at temples and around the city. They operate an adoption fair at Central Airport Plaza on the last Sunday of every month for those who are looking for a cute dog or puppy. More information can be found here:

(From left) Chulaluck “Kate” Setthakorn, Amber Hedges Ferry, Liz, and Boong Chaladlam were ready to bid on the silent auction.

Karin Hawelka and General Manager of the House hosted the party.

Yee Peng opens with candles and lanterns

President of the PAO Boonlert Buranupakorn lights the sculptures around the city with Mayor Tussanai Buranupakorn, TAT Director Chalermsak Suranant and Miss Chiang Mai 2011.

By Shana Kongmun

The Yee Peng Festival 2011 opened on November 6, 2011 with the lovely Miss Chiang Mai 2011 joining President of the PAO Boonlert Buranupakorn, Mayor Tussanai Buranupakorn, Police Chief Phitsanu Oonhaseri and Chalermsak Suranant, Director of the TAT Northern region. The first big event was the Lantern Parade on Tuesday, November 8, 2011 which gave students from the universities around Chiang Mai the chance to show off their designs and floats as the parade wound its way from the grand opening at Tha Pae Gate to the Night Bazaar where they were met by Chiang Mai Governor ML Panadda Diskul and Dr. Chao Duangduen na Chiengmai and the judges.

The students went all out but the students from the Faculty of Architecture outdid themselves with a magnificent float, and giant dancing dragon. Payap University, Chiang Mai Rajabhat University, and Rajamangala University of Technology Lanna all showed up with floats, dancers, and performers.

The next big events include the small Krathong Parade on the 10th, the Khom Fai release from the city bridges and in front of the Municipal building at 9:59 p.m. on the 10th as well as the Miss Yee Peng contest. The Grand Parade is held on the 10th and starts from Tha Pae Gate and ends at the Chiang Mai Municipal building.

Chiang Mai Governor ML Panadda Diskul and Dr. Chao Duengduan na Chiengmai enjoy the Lantern Parade on Tuesday, November 8, 2011.

Miss Chiang Mai lights the candles at the opening of the Yee Peng festival at 3 Kings monument.

CMU Faculty of Architecture students drew from the traditional stories of the Himmapan Forest for their part in the Lantern Parade.

Another CMU student whose performance kept the crowd entertained.

Candle dancers performed their dances elegantly and gracefully.

Chiang Mai blooms with the Flora Blossom Festival

A beautiful flower covered chedi was the highlight for many visitors to the Flora Blossom Festival.

The Flora Blossom Festival opened at Central Airport Plaza on Friday, November 4, 2011 where many visitors enjoyed the blooms on display and the goods and plants for sale at various booths. The festival is a presage for the upcoming Royal Flora Ratchaphruek 2011 that will open in December and showcases the beauty of Chiang Mai flowers.

Chiang Mai Governor ML Panadda Diskul opened the event, mentioning the famed beauty of Chiang Mai but closed, in English to express his gratitude for the tremendous help so many people around the world have offered to Thailand in her time of need.

The Flora Blossom Festival is on the ground floor of Central Airport Plaza and runs only until November 7, 2011.

Chiang Mai Governor ML Panadda Diskul joined Orachorn Chantarawiwattana, General Manager of Central Airport Plaza and other honored guests in releasing a symbolic Khom Fai to open the event.

A little girl enjoys one of the gardening oriented booths at the Festival.

Governor ML Panadda Diskul discusses the event with Orachorn Chantarawiwattana, General Manager of Central Airport Plaza.

5TH Annual Balloon Festival makes its first appearance in Chiang Mai

The announcement of the upcoming 5th Annual Balloon Festival was held at the Prince Royal’s College where the event will be held, all profit will be used by the school.

Earth Wind and Fire Company is pairing up with The Prince Royal’s College and the Tourism Authority of Thailand in launching the biggest balloon festival in Thailand, the 5th Thailand International Balloon Festival 2011 (TIBF2011). Along with the hot air balloons in flight there will be a Glow Night & Festival of Light” from November 25 to 27, 2011 at Prince Royal’s College.

The festival was announced on November 3, at the Prince Royal’s College’s by Earth Wind and Fire Co., Ltd.

The Director of Prince Royal’s College Chiang Mai Mr. Spain Jingkaojai welcomed the group and was followed by Director of TAT’s Northern Region Chalermsak Suranant. Yut Wanichanon, Advisor of Earth, Wind and Fire Co., Ltd. discussed the overall aspects of the Festival while Tassanai Buranupakorn, Mayor of Chiang Mai and Warunee Kammen, President of Chiang Mai Tourism Business Association welcomed the newest festival to Chiang Mai’s busy calendar.

The night balloon show will add to the beauty of the night skies in Chiang Mai.

Yut Wanichanond, said: “This event is the initiation of the “Festival of Light” in Chiang Mai, and it is aimed to be one of the most spectacular must-see events of the year. I am confident that a large number of Thai and foreign visitors will show interest in the festival. This is one of the events recognized on an international level.”

He also added, “Participants will be awed and entertained by the activities in the festival, such as the early morning balloon launch (6-7am) since the morning weather is the best for flying balloons, as well as balloon tethering . At night, there will be light and sound spectacular performances in “Glow Night & Festival of Light” as well as marching band performances and light & sound show “Animated Light Show.

The festival is open to the public with an entry fee of 50 baht for adult, 20 Baht for students, and free for kids whose height is under 120 CM. Tickets can be purchased at Prince Royal’s College and all income will be managed by the school for maintenance fees.

Zonta International’s Annual charity fundraiser

Zonta President (in yellow) Jiamjit Boonsom is joined by Zonta board members at the start of the Shall We Dance Gala charity ball.

The Chiang Mai branch of Zonta International, an international group working to aid women and children in need around the world, held their annual charity gala fundraiser at the Imperial Mae Ping on Friday, November 4, 2011.

Zonta Chiang Mai’s President Jiamjit Boonsom was on hand with other Zonta members to greet the visitors and to introduce Zonta Chiang Mai’s many charitable activities.

Zonta International was founded in 1919 and is a global organization of executives and professionals working together to advance the status of women worldwide through service and advocacy. Zonta has 1,200 clubs in 63 countries and more than 30,000 members. Membership is open to everyone interested in working to aid women in advancing them in legal, educational, political, health and professional status.

Zonta Chiang Mai is involved with the Grandma Cares program that helps women raising grandchildren, in addition, they help in life skills courses for teenage girls, they run an “Adopt an Orphan” program that allows people to sponsor children orphaned by AIDs and helps them to purchase shoes, school uniforms and books.

Zonta Chiang Mai can be contacted at

Zonta members were entertained by the magician before the dinner.

Zonta Chiang Mai includes members from around the world.

Zonta members show the donated funds received at the event.

Mr Pi entertained the crowd with his wonderful Latin dancing.

Charity concert raises funds for flood victims

Book Kitavadhana and friends raised 250,000 Baht in funds for flood victims on October 29, 2011 (Photo courtesy of CityNow!)

A charity concert held on October 30 raised more than 250,000 Baht for victims of flooding in Thailand. The event featured 20 singers, musicians and performers from Chiang Mai and was held at no cost so that 100% of the proceeds went to the Royal Project Foundation which will ship food and materials for cooking to flood victims. The entertaining evening was organized by well known local singer Book Kitavadhana of Vocal Experts and his many friends. The evening was held at Prince Royals College theater and saw such local luminaries as Ong-Ard Kanchaisak, Mark Af, Ice The Star share the stage to raise funds.

Book took the stage to entertain the crowd with his signature style.

Ong-ard Kanchaisak is well known for his amazing voice and range.

Dancers took to the stage in between singers, to keep the entertainment verstatile.

Performers of all kinds joined to raise funds.

Musicians were not in short supply for the evening, as many local artists and entertainers joined in to raise funds for flood victims at the Prince Royals College.

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