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Noisy fireworks

"The Chiang Mai Municipality has put signs up around the city asking the public to refrain from letting off fireworks in populated areas. " (CMM Vol X No 16).

I welcome this initiative by our Mayor and thank him for considering the residents who, for years, have been disturbed by the excessive fireworks that have become an integral part of Yi Peng.

However, it is ironic that one of the very loudest areas for people to explode their money is from the area directly in front of the Municipal Offices on the banks of the Mae Ping River! The other 'zone of choice' is on the banks of the river opposite the Municipal Offices and American Consulate; a densely populated area.

So, whilst I applaud our Mayor for his thoughtful initiative may I respectfully suggest that he implement some form of effective policing of his initiative?

The fireworks continued unabated from around 6pm last night until 3am and then resumed at 6am! This all makes the modern Loy Krathong celebrations a noisy and ugly affair that has nothing in common with what was once a beautiful and peaceful occasion.
Chiang Mai

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Noisy fireworks