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Vol. X No.18 - December 1 - December 31, 2011

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Update by Saichon Paewsoongnern

Student dance performance raises funds for charity

The younger students performed for the audience of family and friends.

By Shana Kongmun

Even the smallest of performers got their chance to shine at the Sangdao School for the Performing Arts recital at the Imperial Mae Ping on Sunday, December 18, 2011. The youngest students hopped, skipped and twirled to the music, and while several seemed overwhelmed by their first time on stage in front of such a big audience, other kids took it in their stride and seemed to really enjoy the event.

Older students also had a chance to shine, with the ballerinas dancing en pointe showing their skills to the family and friends that came for the charity show.

The ballerinas’ skill and talent was on show at the Sangdao School’s charity event.

Former Chiang Mai Governor Amornpan Nimanand was at the concert and noted the importance of dance in children’s lives, adding that his own daughter had taken dance lessons and that he would encourage the same in his granddaughter when she became old enough!

The show was punctuated by students receiving their certificates and a tea break that saw many costume clad dancers joining their family for the intermission.

Everyone took part in the dances for the show.

Children performed the routines they had learned in order to obtain their certificates of accomplishment.

Modern jazz dance is also in the school’s curriculum.

Anti-corruption rally brings out youth of Chiang Mai

“Hear it, See it, Speak Up!” was the theme of the anti corruption rally.

The USAID sponsored event “Thai Youth Against Corruption” held at the CMU Art Center this past weekend brought out students from around Chiang Mai to rally against corruption in Thailand. With a theme of “Hear it, see it, speak up!”, the rally and subsequent concerts were held to promote awareness among youth of the evils of corruption and its effects on society.

Three days of events were held, with many famous pop singers including Not and Am, performing at the free event. Students participated in a rally, led by Chiang Mai police, around the area on the first day as well as put up posters and exhibits against corruption.

The students all wore t-shirts as they took part in the march, to show they won’t tolerate corruption anymore.

The kids brandished fake cash along with ironic banners to show their feelings about corruption in Thailand.

Students made billboards and exhibits displaying the issues and effects of corruption.

Chiang Mai traffic police led the student march from CMU Art Museum on December 16, 2011.

PTIS Parent School Association’s charity Christmas performance adds warm glow to the holiday season

By Joy Huss

The PSA’s mission to spread holiday cheer and provide continued support to the victims of Bangkok’s recent floods got underway 9 December at Traidhos amphitheater where a well turned out audience of students, family and guests gathered to enjoy the warmth of giving and spirit-lifting music by The Chiang Mai Voice Choir.

With a full moon backdrop and clear crisp weather “nipping at our noses” a yuletide ambiance permeated the stage where 7 female and 2 male singers led by Ajarn Tianchai Suktieng, well-known classical singer of Chiang Mai, performed an evening of inspirational songs, Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical hits and classical Christmas carols.

Other evening highlights included audience Christmas carol participation, PTIS youth taking central stage to sing “We are the World”, the arrival of Santa on motorbike, ginger bread cookies, grilled sausages, sandwiches and refreshing beverages provided by the PSA.

The Yuletide performance which was proudly organized by members of the PTIS PSA historically has supported a variety of charities. PSA President, Christine Avril, and event organizer, Pu Ostertag, were touched and thrilled that over 100,000 baht has been raised from the PSA Masked Ball, JS fundraising event and the Christmas performance with all proceeds going to Central Thailand’s flood victims through the Thai Red Cross, the Chaipattana's Foundation (King's Foundation) and the Royal Project.

“Christmas is a very special time of the year besides being the birthday of Jesus Christ. For me, Christmas is a giving and sharing time of the year. Since there is a big flood down in Central Thailand it was a wonderful community thing for us to do to raise an awareness of the current problem around us and for us to reach out to the people in need”, said Khun Pu.
The PSA wishes to continue this traditional PTIS Christmas Carols & PSA Charity Choir Concert as an opening to the holiday season with the aspiration to further cultivate and nurture a sense of kindred spirit and social responsibility within a community consisting of all faiths and backgrounds.

Developmentally disabled kids visit Chiang Mai Zoo Aquarium

Developmentally disabled children from the Northern region paid a visit to the Chiang Mai Zoo Aquarium on December 15 to learn and explore about the underwater world. They visited the underwater tunnel and attended a fish feeding show. Both students and faculty attended the Aquarium with students rating it a great thrill. The students attend a school under the Foundation for the Welfare of the Mentally Retarded in Thailand, under HM the Queen’s Royal Patronage. The Northern Welfare Center is located in Saraphi.

Global Citizens Unite – THINK Global School teams up with PTIS International School

Students participate in the THINK Global School’s mobile high school program.

By Joy Huss

In January 2012, twenty-five students from fifteen countries will travel to Chiang Mai from THINK Global School (TGS) for a trimester like no other, at a school like no other! These two like-minded education institutions that share the same global inquiry-based philosophy will unite together on the Traidhos campus where PTIS will serve as host and classroom for the world’s first “mobile-global” high school of its kind, integrating education, travel and technology.

TGS’s specifically sought a multicultural learning environment for its students with a specific focus on local Thai immersion – welcome to Traidhos! This group of multinational students selected from all corners of the globe and from all walks of life will become an integral part of the Traidhos Community using classroom facilities, science labs, art studios and other learning spaces whilst being taught by their own accompanying teachers.

TGS’s motto Don't teach me WHAT to think, teach me HOW to think has removed the walls from today’s classroom opening up the whole world to the 21st Century student. With a demanding trimester of intense course work and a desire for a rich cultural and historical exploration into a remarkable country, one sees why TGS selected Thailand for their fifth trimester abroad.

The Traidhos Visiting Schools Program (VSP) has organized an enriching line up of excursions with a taste of what Chiang Mai has to offer inquisitive minds. Remarkably, two students from Thailand make up the student body presently travelling and learning with THINK Global School.

With the world as their classroom hailing “Twelve countries in twelve trimesters”, TGS students have recently completed four legs of this globetrotting journey:  Stockholm, Sydney, Beijing and Cuenca, Ecuador where they have studied biology in the Amazon rainforest, Mandarin in China, history standing on the Great Wall of China, and science classes under the ocean surface off the Galapagos and Great Barrier Reef.

Founded by Joann McPike, THINK Global School’s mission is to develop true citizens of the world, young people whose unique skills, values, knowledge, and experience will make them leaders and difference-makers in the multiethnic, multicultural, multilingual world of the 21st century.

For more information about THINK Global School, visit their website - . Read more about the students’ experiences at PTIS and Thailand on the TGS blog -

Traditional Thai kite festival comes to Chiang Mai

By Joy Huss

In celebration of Thai kite flying history and culture Traidhos Three-Generation Community for Learning is hosting their inaugural Traidhos Kite Festival 2012, lasting for one weekend, January 21-22.

Kites large and small of every shape and shade will be coloring the skies above the PTIS cricket grounds from 11 – 5 pm each day. This is a family event, open to the public and will include a colorful display of BIG kites flown by professional kite flyers, traditional Chula (male) and Pakpao (female) kite flying competitions and kite making workshops. A history of royal kite flying in Thailand will be on exhibit and a chance to practice flying a kite with the professionals offers a day of fun for everyone.

The kite is something that Thais of all walks of life cherish; royalty as well as ordinary folk have enjoyed this popular sport dating back to the Sukhothai and Ayutthaya periods. The tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) revived the tradition and first held the Thailand International Kite Festival in 1989 at Sanam Luang, opposite the Grand Palace. Interest in annual kite flying events has gathered and continues to spread throughout the country.

Now in Chiang Mai – you won’t want to miss one of the more colorful events of the year watching clear skies decorated with kites spinning, floating, soaring, swooping and at times crashing to the ground in a festival of live music, tasty Thai and Western food stalls, entertaining circus skills workshops and much more throughout the day.

At Traidhos Three-Generation Community for Learning/site of PTIS International School, Cricket grounds. 234 Moo 3, T. Huay Sai, A. Mae Rim.  053 301 500. The entry fee of 100 Baht includes kite making and a chance for a raffle prize. A shuttle bus from Chiang Mai to PTIS will be running from a selected rendezvous point (to be announced).

The Stratton ABC Foundation (Registered Charity CM310) is looking for community help

Students work together to paint a boundary wall.

For the last few weeks, in a quiet village, outside Sarapee, Chiang Mai, a group of determined children have been steadfastly working, not only for themselves but to earn your respect, compassion and support; to show you that they are a group that truly deserve it.

You can see all they accomplished with their “Villa and Sport Project” on The Foundations Website

Open since November 2009, The Foundation was registered as an official Charity in July 2010. All but two of the 10 children at the Foundation Home, Stratton House, have been there since 2009. In that time, with the opportunities and support given to them by the Foundation, these children have made huge leaps and bounds in development of latent and new skills, including arts and crafts , music and in their academic studies, an area where many were struggling prior to arriving here in Chiang Mai.

The Foundation is working hard to develop the highest standards of care, encouraging unannounced visits by Police, Local Authorities and School Teachers to monitor its operations.

Whilst it welcomes genuine visitors, The Foundation is determined that it is not to be seen as an extension to the Chiang Mai Volunteer Tourist industry and has firm guidelines covering visits to its facility.

One of the families that will be living on the recently acquired land.

Having recently acquired land, The Foundation, currently in rented accommodation, is hoping to build a permanent facility that can not only offer more places to children in need but also offer their services, such as arts and crafts workshops and English Language Tuition, to children from the wider community. The facility would also act as a base for future hopes to work far more within the rural communities that the children come from to help create conditions that would negate the need for the children to leave..

However, as a relatively new Foundation, they are still struggling to find the sponsorship they need to cover their present operations and really need your support. You can find their collection boxes in many outlets around Chiang Mai.

You can find full information on the Foundation on their website or follow the latest news, updated every week on their Facebook page Or check out their Promo Video on Youtube..

German students get creative on German Day

(From left) German Cultural Attache Annette SÚvery, German Honorary Consul Hagen Dirksen, DAAD member and German lecturer at CMU Christian Koerner are joined by Martin Venzky-Stalling of the Chiang Mai Creative City Committee for German Day held at CMU Art Center.

By Shana Kongmun

The German Department at the Faculty of Humanities at Chiang Mai University organized a German day for Mathayom students at the Chiang Mai Art Center on Wednesday, November 30, 2011. Students from schools around the city and from Lampang took part in the events that saw German Embassy’s Counsellor for Press and Cultural Affairs Annette SÚvery and German Honorary Consul Hagen Dirksen on hand to view the projects and presentations of the students.

This little girl read Little Red Riding Hood aloud in German, replete with sound effects.

There are several schools with thriving German language programs in Chiang Mai aside from the German Christian School. These include Dara Academy, Watthanothaipayap, Prince Royal’s College, Pingkarattana School, Nawaminrajuthit School and Suan boon in Lamphun. All these schools sent students for the event which saw students play games, recite books and speeches and present projects based on the theme “Your World, My World, Our World” in German.

Students range in ages from Mathayom 3 up to 6. Many go to schools that are partner schools with the German Embassy which seeks to promote the use of the German language around Thailand and offers free books, scholarships and short trips to students from partner schools.

The event was sponsored by the Goethe Institute, Chiang Mai based SPB Software, the German Alumni organization DAAD, Pager Farms, the German Book Center and Deutsche Butschaft.

Some of the projects on display at the event

These students played German classical music with a twist,
using traditional Thai instruments as well.

Payap International Day is truly international

Payap officials joined the Consul Generals from the U.S., Japan, and China as well as the South African Ambassador to open the Peace Park.

By Shana Kongmun

The South African Ambassador to Thailand, H.E. Douglas H.M. Gibson joined Payap’s International Day to open the new International Peace Park at Payap University. He was joined by Chinese Consul General Zhu Wei Min, Japanese Consul-General Kazuo Shibata, and U.S. Consul-General Susan N. Stevenson for the opening and the International Day annual fair.

With students from all over the world preparing food from their homelands, as well as local businesses both Western and Thai, the International Day at Payap is a foodie’s dream. Turkish, German, Vietnamese, Burmese, Indian, and many many more different foods were on hand for people to sample and at very reasonable prices.

US Consul General Susan Stevenson enjoyed wandering around the crowded grounds looking at the different foods and tried the Vietnamese Spring Rolls while Japanese Consul General Kazuo Shibata paid a visit to the Japanese booth.

Students performed in the talent show offering singing, dancing and music. The bit of rain didn’t dampen things and the food ran out before the fun did!

The South African Ambassador to Thailand, H.E. Douglas H.M. Gibson talked about the need for reconciliation and the long, hard path that South Africa has taken to reach that at the opening of the event.

Payap students ran a well organized festival with coupons or cash for food.

The students were encouraged to wear national attire, the Japanese booth took this to heart in their summer yukatas.

Korean students sold Korean dishes and snacks for the event.

The girls at the Turkish booth were very popular as their unique and tasty food kept bringing people back.

The South African Ambassador presented
a flag to join the flags decorating the venue.

Students had a great time participating in the event and in preparing food for sale for the crowds of hungry people.

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Student dance performance raises funds for charity

Anti-corruption rally brings out youth of Chiang Mai

PTIS Parent School Association’s charity Christmas performance adds warm glow to the holiday season

Developmentally disabled kids visit Chiang Mai Zoo Aquarium

Global Citizens Unite – THINK Global School teams up with PTIS International School

Traditional Thai kite festival comes to Chiang Mai

The Stratton ABC Foundation (Registered Charity CM310) is looking for community help

German students get creative on German Day

Payap International Day is truly international


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