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First kitty rescue of the New Year!

This very lucky kitten was rescued from the road by Japanese tourist Fiona who saw it just sitting in the traffic! Fiona does kitten fostering back at home so she knew that it was probably best to get the little kitty vet checked to make sure it was ok. The kitten had a slight eye infection which cleared up after a few days on antibiotics and it is now enjoying some home comforts and pampering with Fiona at her hotel! The kitten is just 6-8 weeks old and very sociable!

Fiona didn’t ask the sex of the kitten so we don’t know, so if that’s not a problem and you would like to give this lucky little kitten a loving home call Gilly on 0871 89 1623.

Locky is a sweetheart looking for a forever home

This 2 year old male is small-framed, calm and relaxed guy. He keeps to himself and gets along with other dogs, is low-keyed and would be best without young children. He does enjoy human company and would need some grooming due to his long and lovely coat. Often those calm boys like Locky get overlooked but who spots will surely find the worth,  a closer look and a company you hardly want to miss. If you would like to give Locky or one of the other dogs, a forever home please contact the Care For Dogs shelter at 084-752-5255 (English) or 086-913-8701 (Thai) to make an appointment to meet Locky or email [email protected] for more information.