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Fame! The Musical at PTIS

Ben and Samata in rehearsal for Fame! at PTIS.

By Christopher Hall

I’m going to live forever!

Baby remember my name!


The title song from the hit Broadway musical FAME! The Musical is a catchy number and when it was performed in the Prem International School Auditorium by a talented cast of over fifty students, it was one that had the audience tapping their toes and clapping their hands.

FAME tells the story of a group of hopeful young actors, singers and dancers at New York’s famous High School of the Performing Arts – or simply “PA”.  The teachers at PA tell their students that acting and dancing and music are all hard work and that dreams of dancing on top of cars down 46th street are simply that – dreams.

The Chorus in action.

At Prem this week, fifty Senior School students and some Junior School dancers lived their dream as they performed the show, accompanied by a fifteen-member stage band.  Musical Director Gina Ryan acknowledged that the many weeks of rehearsal were indeed hard work, but the students’ enthusiasm and performances made it all worthwhile.  In addition to the work needed to get the music up to performance level, the students learned many dance routines.  Choreographer Agnieszka (Agnes) Kinga Wdowik showed the Prem students that with practice and more practice and yet more practice they could perform complex and eye-catching dance routines.

Following one of the performances, students were asked to name their favourite parts of the production.  Some said that the moving song These Are My Children by Miss Sherman (Amy Kendal) was the best moment – especially as the tiny votive candles held by the chorus gave it a magical touch.  Others voted for Fame! led by the talented Samata Shakya as Carmen, but for many Grade 4 students the best part of the show was the “awesome!” dancing by their classmate, Easton Schmuland, a member of the dance chorus. 

Dancing, singing and acting in a school musical production and playing in the stage band are wonderful ways of boosting students’ self-esteem and self-confidence – and when it all comes together as it did at Prem this week, the result is one that had audiences believing that they really might live forever.

Prem students play a part in annual Medieval Mystery Banquet

Students and staff acted out a medieval European banquet at PTIS recently.

By Andrew MacLachlan

What happens when you mix peasants with nobility, greed with trust, royal power with indentured servitude, poison with wine, knights with village idiots, mummery with revelry and princesses with goatherds?

Why, you get a medieval banquet murder mystery, of course! In March the Grade 7 humanities class acted out a medieval European banquet. Dinner included roast chicken and pork, salad, leak and vegetable soup, grainy bread and a desert of apple crumble. All was washed down with a fine wine (minus the fermentation)! Lord Hamlet (A. MacLachlan) and his family hosted many suitors for the hands of his daughters. Much intrigue was revealed when Lord Hamlet was poisoned by his evil brother and a long-lost son and heir to the throne was found. Jousts, juggling, mummery and the execution of a notorious villain rounded out the entertainment.

Many thanks to Maestro Patrick from Ye Olde Design Technology Shop and Dame Susan from The King’s Artisan’s House for helping the revellers create wonderful decorations to set the stage, and a thousand graces to Lady Malee and her Cooking School servants for such a great feast.

Ye olde-style banquet was established by A. Melanie and A. Mary in 2007 with a primary focus to turn a traditional unit of study into a real-life learning experience.

This annual celebration for Prem International School seventh-grade humanities classes marks the culmination of an extensive academic simulation of feudal European society. Students live the history that they've been studying as well as integrating units from English, DT and Art as they dress, eat and participate in activities from the medieval times.

Applications being taken for City Youth Camp

The Chiang Mai Municipality is organizing a Youth Camp for the summer season for kids. The camp, which will offer taekwondo, badminton, volleyball, football, gymnastics, and computer skills, will be held from 21 March to 7 April 2012 (except Sunday) at the Chiang Mai Municipal Stadium. Applications are being accepted at the Office of Children and Youth Affairs, Chiang Mai Municipal Stadium from Monday-through Friday 8:30 a.m.- 4 p.m. and Saturdays 9 a.m. to noon. A 2 by 2 cm photo and copy of parent’s id cards is required. Interested parents can contact 053-219181 or download the application at

Rotary Club and Makro organize painting contest

Siam Makro Public Company Limited teamed up with the Rotary Club of Chiang Mai to organize an art contest on the theme of “Preserving the Environment” to raise environmental awareness among the younger generation. The contest, at which participants aged 8-17 bring various perspectives to the subject through their paintings, is being held in celebration of the Rotary International’s 107th anniversary. Siam Makro Chiang Mai general manager Paisarn Rungvajira (fifth left) is seen presenting certificates of honor and scholarships to the winners at Kad Suan Kaew, Chiang Mai.

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Fame! The Musical at PTIS

Prem students play a part in annual Medieval Mystery Banquet

Applications being taken for City Youth Camp

Rotary Club and Makro organize painting contest