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Long Live Their Majesties the King and Queen

Vol. XI No.4 - April 1 - April 30, 2012

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Update by Saichon Paewsoongnern

Department of Special Investigation says 83% of smuggled pseudoephedrine comes from abroad

Chiang Mai Mail editor Nopniwat Krailerg listens to DSI commander Pol. Lt. Col. Pongin In-Khao about the pseudoephedrine smuggling issue.

The Chiang Mai Mail sat down with Pol. Lt. Col. Pongin In-Khao, Commander of the Department of Special Investigation (DSI) Security Case and discussed the recent ban of pseudoephedrine tablets and the issues facing smuggled tablets over the border.

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Teacher praises police for the quick recovery of her stolen motorbike

A Prince’s Royal College teacher reported her motorbike stolen from in front of Yuparaj Wittayalai School on Friday, April 27 to the police at the Muang Chiang Mai Police Station..

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Police arrest two Akha for theft
Suspicious bag found in train station toilet 
UK offering fast track visitors visa applications

Traditional Spirit Trance-Dance of Lanna at CMU

A traditional spirit dance to honor ancestors, or Fohn Pii Muang was held by the Faculty of Fine Arts Chiang Mai University and the Tourist Authority of Thailand (TAT) at the Center for the Promotion of Arts and Culture,

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Skål meeting ends on wheels 

Haripunchai bathing ceremony in Lamphun

The bathing ceremony for Hariphunchai Pagoda (Phraboromathat Hariphunchai) is an ancient ceremony regarded to Lamphun Province and is being held from April 29 to May 5, 2012 at Wat Phra That Hariphunchai Woramahaviharn from 06.00 a.m. till 10.00 p.m. On April 29, the procession of the royal water,


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Dog rescue organizations celebrate Earth Day

Official opening for Panyaden School
  Around Town

Robinson Department Store officials from Central Airport Shopping Center paid their respects to Chiang Mai Governor in a Rod Nam Dum Hua ceremony on April 15 at the ceremony held at the Governor’s Residence at Nawarat Bridge.    continued

More Quirky Pics

All around Chiang Mai and Thailand you will often see amusing signs and menus written in funny “Engrish”. Most enjoy seeing them and trying to figure out what was meant,

Quirky pics: take 1
Quirky Pics: take 2
Quirky Pics: take 3

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