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Traditional Spirit Trance-Dance of Lanna at CMU

The Fohn Pii Muang dance was performed on April 26, 2012 to a large audience.

By Nopniwat Krailerg

A traditional spirit dance to honor ancestors, or Fohn Pii Muang was held by the Faculty of Fine Arts Chiang Mai University and the Tourist Authority of Thailand (TAT) at the Center for the Promotion of Arts and Culture, Chiang Mai University led by Deputy Chiang Mai Governor Worakran Yokying and CMU President, and Honorary French Consul Thomas Baude. More than 500 tourists, visitors and locals joined to view the performance.

The Fohn Pii Muang dance is performed annually to memorialize and pay respects to ancestors and to promote understanding and awareness of traditional Lanna cultural performances and values.

Skål meeting ends on wheels

Tim McGuire invites Skål members to join them at the Flight of the Gibbons or to give the newest tour a try, the Segway tours around the old city of Chiang Mai.

By Shana Kongmun

The monthly Skål meeting was held at the modern dusit D2 Hotel on Thursday, April 26, 2012 and despite the heat and stormy weather around 30 people came for the evening. The group consisted of some new faces to Chiang Mai and many regular members, including Alberto Cosi, writer Reinhard Hohler, Michael and Lisa Shortland, and the General Manager of the very lovely 137 Pillars House Manfred Ilg.

Tim McGuire presented the Flight of the Gibbons’ latest tour, Segways around Chiang Mai with a short video presentation by Anthony Morse, host on the travel show Hidden Cities and a quick display of the Segway’s abilities. Announcements were made by Marc Dumur about the upcoming Asian Skål meeting to be held in Penang from May 10-13 as well as the Mekong Tourism Forum which will take place June 13 and 14 in Chiang Rai, with the Skål meeting falling shortly after.

The evening ended after dinner with quite an adept demonstration by a newbie driver of the Segway, Toby Allen of Oasis Spa and quite a few more nervous people taking turns riding the Segway around the room, generally to much laughter and fun.

Tan, Khaimook and Toby welcome Skålleagues to the cocktail and dinner at the dusit D2.

Julie Hastings and Manfred Ilg enjoy a mocktail made by the talented D2 bartenders.

Marc Dumur, Khun Naphat, the secretary for Skål and Alberto Cosi chat before dinner.

Regular Skålleague members discuss the upcoming presentation of the Segway tour.

The Skål group photo.

Earth Day clean up at Mae Kha Canal

A few local volunteers gathered at Mae Kha canal on Earth Day to clean up the overgrown pathway of weeds and rubbish.

As trailing vine and dried mud were being removed by the shovels and brooms, the paved path along the canal appeared wider. Although the canal itself needs to be cleaned up and the wastewater from households pouring into the canal needs to be treated, the team was able to dream that the path on the canal will someday invite more Chiang Mai locals and travelers strolling in the evening after work, jogging in the cool morning and cleaning the path together. The group invites members to contact the government to ask that they dredge the canals and rivers without destroying trees on the pathway.


U.S. Consulate General Promotes World Intellectual Property Day

Coloring the Chiang Mai Sunday Walking Street with ‘Smiley' Balloons to Highlight ‘Visionary Innovators’

Staffers and volunteers promoted awareness of World Intellectual Property Day by starting at Tha Pae Gate on Sunday, April 22, 2012.

On Sunday, April 22, the U.S. Consulate General in Chiang Mai and the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in Bangkok raised awareness of World Intellectual Property Day (April 26) with a “Smile” campaign publicity performance at the Tha Phae Sunday Walking Street Market. Twenty student volunteers hid their faces behind orange balloons with smiley faces to convey the message: “Behind every great innovation exists the imagination and dedication of the creator.” The colorful balloons represented the creativity and vision of local artisan and entrepreneurs in Chiang Mai.

The volunteers simultaneously revealed their faces from behind the balloons, symbolizing the creator behind the product. They then distributed promotional items to promote the “visionary innovators” behind intellectual property. They also encouraged shoppers to visit a tricycle mobile exhibition unit in front of the Three King’s monument, which showcased well-known local designers Sareungrong Wong-sawan, inventor of environmental-friendly Rubber Killer bags, and Anukun Hamala, the owner of Nokhook Design illustration house.

Estimates of global economic losses due to counterfeiting and piracy run to as high as $250 billion a year. In an effort to promote intellectual property rights as crucial elements of the economic development of Thailand and the Thai-U.S. economic relationship, the United States supports the Thai-U.S. Creative Partnership and Chiang Mai Creative City initiative. Last year, the Consulate General sponsored an anti-piracy “flash-mob” performance at the Tha Pae Sunday Walking Street Market.

Read more about the Thai-U.S. Creative Partnership at; and World Intellectual Property Day at (PR)

Volunters performed an anti-piracy flash mob at the Sunday Walking Street Market.

37th annual Laab Festival in Chiang Mai

Cooks of all ages joined in the Laab competition.

By Nopniwat Krailerg

The Press Club in Chiang Mai held their 37th Annual Laab Festival at Kad Suan Kaew on April 21, 2012 where more than 30 teams competed for “Best Laab” prize.

Students joined journalists and other organizations in this competition where they vie for creating the best Northern Laab in Chiang Mai. There was a Miss Laab Festival won by Miss Sasiwimon Monkolgavin from Nan as well as Best Laab winner.

The event aims to promote and preserve traditional foods and cooking and to promote traditional Lanna Thai food.

Prize winners were not only happy to win cash, but to have their creations declared best.

The Governor performs in a historical play at Wat Suan Dok

Governor M.L. Panadda Diskul took part in the play, performing the part of King Kawila.

Nopniwat Krailerg

The Ku Chao Luang ceremony was held at Wat Suan Dok on Tuesday, April 17 to honor the Chiang Mai people at the Thai New Year. A parade started from the Chiang Mai Art Center and moved to Wat Suan Dok where the ceremony was held to also commemorate the beauty and goodness of Chiang Mai Princess Dararasmee, a wife of King Rama V and daughter of Prince Intavichayanon of Chiang Mai.

There followed a performance on the history of Chiang Mai with Governor M.L. Panadda Diskul performing in the role of King Kawila, the first ruler of Chiang Mai. He was joined by actors from the Dramatic Arts College in a lavish performance that traced the history of Chiang Mai and the 3 Kings that helped to create the city; Phaya Meng Rai, Phaya Ruang and Phaya Ngam Muang.

A worship ceremony was held before the performances, on the grounds of Wat Suan Dok.

Students from the Dramatic Arts College performed in the historical play.

The beautifully dressed performers joined the Governor for the show’s finale.

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Traditional Spirit Trance-Dance of Lanna at CMU

Skål meeting ends on wheels

Earth Day clean up at Mae Kha Canal

U.S. Consulate General Promotes World Intellectual Property Day

37th annual Laab Festival in Chiang Mai

The Governor performs in a historical play at Wat Suan Dok