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Hamburg offers a pretty good hamburger!

By Shana Kongmun
Think Park has really grown recently with the addition of new shops, hair dresser and coffee shops. For a time there were only a couple of restaurants but the fun new funky spot called Hamburg opened recently. Stripped down and industrial in appearance this fun little restaurant is pretty basic, order at the counter from a menu that is pretty much just various types of hamburgers of different meats and sandwiches. The drinks menu at the counter upstairs is pretty limited but there is a full bar down the stairs that seems to run a separate till.

I ordered the Beef Burger for 140 baht. It was not huge but then I don’t like huge burgers. It was juicy and tasty and came with a nice salad, some crispy fries and was topped with bacon. They have their own sauce on the burger. I am not normally much of a sauce person but this I enjoyed. It was tangy without being too sweet. The burger was juicy without being too greasy and the bacon that topped it cooked to crispy but not burned. We also had a generous portion of the fries for 50 baht. Coke came in a paper cup and was quite reasonably priced as well.
This will definitely be a repeat location for me and it certainly adds to the charm of Think Park for visitors to the area. There is motorbike parking along the sidewalk next to Think Park and car parking across the street in the old Amari Rincome Hotel grounds. Hamburg is open daily and is quite reasonable. The menu also offered chicken and pork burgers as well as some steak sandwiches as well. They have sides which were limited at the time we went but the fries were good and crispy although my friend was disappointed at the lack of onion rings. However, it is a new restaurant and still on a learning curve. For all that, the service was quick and the food was quite good.

RECIPES BY NOI: Kao Soi; the yellow egg noodle with yellow and coconut soup

Who doesn’t know Kao Soi? Who doesn’t like it? For expats, Thai people and anyone who ever visited Chiang Mai would have been heard or tried our famous yellow noodle dish at least once.
Here’s a very brief introduction; The most believable presumption is that Kao Soi first came from a Chinese-Muslim recipe which Chin Ho (Chinese from Yunnan province, South China) brought with them when they moved more south to northern Myanmar, Laos and Thailand. At first there was no coconut milk in the soup (I can’t imagine Kao Soi without coconut but I am really interested to try). And of course, Chinese-Muslims don’t eat pork and that’s why we mostly see Kao Soi with chicken or beef. Nowadays seafood, pork and meatball Kao Soi can be found as well but honestly, chicken and pork are really the best.
There is a very interesting fact about my city, Chiang Khong and Kao Soi and that is that we don’t have it there! We took it from Chiang Mai and of course you can eat yellow Kao Soi in Chiang Khong but when you say Kao Soi, then it will refer to Nam Ngiew, the previous recipe we cooked.
Let’s make it more complicated. Chiang Rai has the word Kao Soi but it’s Nam Ngiew with rice noodle/Sen Yai, when Nam Ngiew is served with Kanom Sen (or Kanom Jeen-fermented rice flour noodles) then we will call it Kanom Sen or Kanom Sen Nam Ngiew.
Ingredients for the yellow Kao Soi are quite different as the paste contains dried chili, salt, garlic, shallot, kaffir lime skin, krachai (fingerroot), Kamin (turmeric) lemongrass, shrimp paste and curry powder.
I always start by stir frying the past with a few spoonfuls of cooing oil and add beef. Then add soup and coconut milk. Beef will take a couple of hour to cook so make sure you have a lot of coconut milk. When the beef is tender we can add more sugar and salt.
The special add in the noodle are, deep fried egg noodles, shallots, coriander, pickled cabbage and a slice of lime.

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