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Update January, 2015

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Update by Natrakorn Paewsoongnern
MAIL BAG  [email protected]

Thai Turkish Friendship Platform condemns the Charlie Hebdo attack

Dear Editor,
We at the Thai Turkish Friendship Platform strongly condemn the horrific attack against Charlie Hebdo Magazine in Paris and express our sincere condolences to the families of victims who lost their lives.
Killing people brutally can never be accepted for whatever reasons. Violence, terror and resorting to force cannot be used in order to support or defend any ideology.
Thai Turkish Friendship Platform

Found a great museum on the way to 700 stadium

Dear Chiangmai Mail,
My name is Derrick Titmus, I have lived in Chiangmai for eleven years and it has taken me that long to discover the Hill Tribe Museum. Okay its a bit out of town on Chotana Road near the Changpuak Police Station. On the Chotana Road you will see a sign indicating the way to the Chiangmai Racecourse, follow that road, pass the Hill Tribe Centre and then you will see the museum.
Even if like me you have had little interest in the various Hill Tribes the museum is a gem.
Each Hill tribe is represented with lifelike models and a TV that shows and explains a little about each tribe. The commentary with the TV is in Thai, English or Japanese. As you approach each exhibit the lights become brighter and there is a written description about the people of that particular tribe.
There is a staircase leading to another section, overhead on the staircase are imitation trees and sounds of birds, some of the models you see come to life as it were. There was a particular exhibit that fascinated me, it was of two young girls lying on the floor, one had a stick and was using it to spin a top, the other girl was looking at the top. As you look at the exhibit it comes to life, the girl actually spins the top while the other girl bobs her head up and down looking at the spinning top. As you leave the exhibits a lifelike model of a Hill Tribe lady waves you farewell.
As you can tell I was so pleasantly surprised by the museum, it is a little way out of town and transport would be required. Entry to the museum is free but there is a donation box if you think its worth a donation, I certainly did.

Burning year round

Dear Editor
Here's an interesting contrast.
The large sign has been in place opposite my Municipality Office in the Doi Saket area.

From what I can make out it is a (failed) plea to local farmers NOT TO BURN their fields and to recycle 'waste' vegetation. Both pleas have been and continue to be totally ignored.
The real irony here is that the continual burning occurs within a few hundred metres of the sign! The smoke goes directly over the Municipal Office (and over our Village Chief's home).

I imagine the mind-set is that, having put the sign in place, to problem has been addressed.
There certainly is no enforcement.
Would be good to send these images to our Governor; he seems to care.
Thank you
Tired of smoke

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Thai Turkish Friendship Platform condemns the Charlie Hebdo attack

Found a great museum on the way to 700 stadium

Burning year round


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