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Update March 4, 2015

Northern food the focus of photo exhibit at Tamarind Village

Austin Bush launches photo exhibit on the origins of northern cuisine

Photographer Austin Bush with one of his evocative photos.

Austin Bush, an American photographer who first came to Chiang Mai in 1999 as part of a program hosted by Chiang Mai University, launched his exhibition titled ‘Ancient Roots, Culinary Crossroads: The Food of Northern Thailand,’ on February 28 at Tamarind Village. The show runs until May 31, 2015. The exhibition brings together images and displays that introduce the unique dishes, ingredients, people and cooking techniques of northern Thailand and explore the rich cultural and geographical roots that have shaped them.

The exhibition covers the origins of northern Thai cuisine and iconic dishes such as laab, nam phrik as well as those dishes that were influenced by outside factors such as China and Myanmar and the evolution of dishes that came about due to its location as a cultural crossroads. Such dishes as khao soy and khanom jeen.

Other influences such as the hilltribe peoples and the Chinese Kuomintang who settled in remote villages in the North which brought pickled vegetables and high quality teas.

Austin also focuses on the traditional dishes and cooking styles as well as the modernization that northern food is undergoing as it sees increasing wealth and globalization.

The photos and displays are evocative and interesting and offer a wealth of information for those who are interested in northern Thai cuisine.

Traditional family style dinner.

Austin Bush (center) with Tamarind Village General Manager Naphat Nutsati (3rd right) and Tamarind Village staff and friends.

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Northern food the focus of photo exhibit at Tamarind Village