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Update March, 2015

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Update by Natrakorn Paewsoongnern
MAIL BAG  [email protected]

A trip to Phayao

Dear Editor
I recently just visited Phayao and thought I would share a few photos of my trip. First is the “view” of the mountains behind the lake at Phayao. Yes, there are mountains back there somewhere.
The second photo shows many people overtaking on double yellow lines at blind curves along the mountain roads. There was a bus that was driving safely and normally but the cars hooning along the road needed to pass it even though it was going 80 kph.
Strategically placed radar along that road would be a huge money earner and just maybe a deterrent.
Local traveller

Compost don’t burn!

Dear Editor
The haze from burning is back in Chiangmai!!!
The best alternative to burning is teaching the people how to make the fabulous Pyramid Compost with cowdung, garden refuse like leaves or grass and daily watering during 2 months (only).
And that is what Amporn Boontan has been doing in Sankhampeng! These last 2 months she made 40 compost heaps with the Pyramid Composting technque developed at Maejo University in Chiangmai. 40 heaps with each 6 big truck loads of dried leaves.
This means a total of 240 big trucks of leaves which have NOT been burned.
This involved an investment of 40 heaps x 30 bags x 30 Baht = 36,000 Baht of her own hard-earned money for cowdung. And this was just in her home village Samkhampeng.
Imagine what this result could be if every village would do this????
But where can the money such a wonderful project come from?
May be all those people complaining about the burning should do something about it. they could invest in the Chiangmai Compost Cooperative.
ABET, Aromatherapy and Reiki Practitioner and Teacher (all levels)

Chiangmai Smog Festival

Dear Editor,

Yes!!! It’s March and time for the Annual Chiangmai Smog Festival 2015!

The following Hospitals have been asked to participate in the March Festival: Chiangmai Ram, Rajavej, Lana, and Bangkok.
We ask them to give patients who come in with Bronchitis, Laryngitis, Throat or Lung Cancer, and of course eye infections a 50% reduction during the Month of March.
We will also ask the Governor of Chiangmai to negotiate with a top quality smog mask manufacturer to obtain masks that can be purchased at a greatly reduced rate.
Just think of the thousands of tourists who will flock to our “Smog Festival”.
No gains to me for this great idea I must add.
Just another bright idea from

A local resident

Disgusting canal at Loi Kroh Road

Dear Editor,
I was hoping you might know someone to whom to forward this email. I tried one address that appeared to be a CM gov't office. Of course it's probably a waste of time.
I was walking along Loi Kroh street 2 days ago . The little bridge over the canal had flower pots during the Flower festival week . I guess they were there to hide the sight & smell of the liquid below. The liquid is usually dark blue-green , but now it is multi-colored due to some white liquid coming from the blue pipe at the top of the first photo. Extremely disgusting & probably unhealthy!!! These canals need to be flushed.
A four year resident

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Update March 20, 2015

A trip to Phayao

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Compost don’t burn!

Chiangmai Smog Festival

Update March 1, 2015

Disgusting canal at Loi Kroh Road


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