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Care for Dogs


Update June 23, 2015

Lucky Luca wants nothing more than to live up to her name!

As you can see, Lucky Luca likes to take life easy. She’s been through enough drama in her opinion. She began on the street, when like many, was hit by a car. Then it was time for surgery and recovery. She breezed through that and was then healed and ready for her new home and family.
She was adopted and her life had finally taken a turn for the better. Unfortunately her new owner became ill and could no longer care for her, and now sadly Lucky Luca has ended up back at our shelter. This is particularly difficult to see as she has known that love of a home and a place to call her own and it has been taken from her. We hope someone can find it in their heart to give her another chance to know one again.
Lucky Luca is a beauty, and despite an individual gait unlike other dogs, it doesn’t deter her from being a carefree, playful dog. She is young after all and has a long life awaiting her, so please embrace this gorgeous girl with name she is ready to live up to.
For more information, please call Care for Dogs at 084-752-5255 or mail inquiries to [email protected]

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Lucky Luca wants nothing more than to live up to her name!