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Caveat Emptor

Dear Editor,
Commerce Ministry announces 8 goods barred from transfer in & out of Thailand 20 Feb 2016.
Among these it includes Images of Budda & Religious Artifacts.
As far back as I can remember it has always been a crime to attempt to take these Items out of the Kingdom without the necessary license.
Many years ago in Australia I attended an Auction Sale of goods after a Thai Business went insolvent. I tendered bids on many things I now have a painting of an authentic Thai Village & a lovely Brass Deer. When a large Image of the Lord Budda came up, my bid was accepted.
I was now the Custodian of a brass image reposing on a Pedestal off solid Teak. When I decided to live in Thailand I thought I may gain some merit if I returned the Image to it's rightful home. istowed the image in my luggage & a friend took care of the Teak Block.
When the Thai Customs discovered the Image I was escorted to a back office. when I explained the situation that I was returning the image to its rightful home I was not fined rather the Senior Officer commended my actions. The Image is now in my Village Wat.
The clarification of these rules should be a warning to Tourists who buy small Wooden & Ceramic Images not aware they may be Fined also loose their Images. The Trader who sold them the Image may have told them there would not be a problem but his main aim is to make a Sale.
"Caveat Emptor. "

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Update March 4, 2016

Caveat Emptor

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