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Update June 30, 2016

Bangkok Chiang Mai Hospital to invest 160 million in further expansion

Major General Niwat Boonyuen, M.D Deputy Chief Executive Officer- Group 4 Hospital Director, Bangkok Hospital Chiang Mai  staff at the press conference announcing the results of the first two years in business in Chiang Mai.

Bangkok Chiang Mai Hospital has a helipad for medical evacuations and is retrofitting an airplane for further air evacuation cases.

Nopniwat Krailerg
Bangkok Chiang Mai Hospital is celebrating its second anniversary in Chiang Mai by announcing a 160 million baht budget for further development and expansion Major General Niwat Boonyuen, M.D Deputy Chief Executive Officer- Group 4 Hospital Director, Bangkok Hospital Chiang Mai announced at a press conference held at the hospital on June 27, 2016.

He reported that Bangkok Hospital Chiang Mai has proven to be very popular with local people both Thai and foreign, seeing a 330 percent growth in the first year. He added that the hospital earned over 410 million baht in the first year while in the first six months of 2016 the hospital earned more than 250 million baht from operations.

The Vice President said, “We expect that the growth rate will reach almost 30 percent at the end of this year and income will probably be 536 million, beating the 400 million baht target. We are greatly satisfied with the growth of the hospital; one of our major factors in success was our special care to meet users’ needs. Apart from our capable staff we have offered easy and quick service making users feel our friendliness/ understanding and warmth.”

Currently around 60 percent of the users of the hospital are Thai and 40 percent foreigners with Americans coming in first in numbers among foreigners followed by British, French, Swiss, German, Chinese and Japanese. He reported that the numbers of patients flying in specifically for care has increased, many from Burmese, Australian and Swiss people. He said that word of mouth has been a key factor in many new patients coming from overseas and added that the long waiting lists their home country was a major concern. Most of these types of patients were served in Cardiac, Osteopath and Dentistry units.

Accidents were the number incidents for both Thai and foreigners and because of this the Bangkok Dusit Medical Services (BDSM) will be expanding accidents and orthopedics in the second half of the year.

The Group plans on expanding the number of hospitals to 50 in 2017 -2018 and plans on investing 160 million baht over the next three years in this hospital with 80 million baht budgeted for the second half of this year for special equipment to treat accident victims and orthopedic diseases and 10 million baht for the development of their IT system to provide information for patients of other hospitals.

In 2017 – 2018 Bangkok Chiang Mai Hospital will construct a second building for special care services such as cancer, cardiac care and others. They also plan on constructing a hospital in Chiang Rai.

The hospital will be purchasing an ATR 72 airplane to be a Sky ICU for medical evacuations. The plane is being refitted with four beds, equipment and seating for 40 staff. The hospital already has a helicopter on standby in Chiang Mai.

The hospital will be deducting twenty baht from each patient’s bill to donate to a fund for the less fortunate. Additionally the hospital will be offering discounted medical checkups for only 1,000 baht from July 16 to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of the hospital. Another special promotion will be to welcome Mother’s Day with medical checkups for women including cardiac, diabetic and cancer exams for reasonable prices from July 29 to August 16.

New Dino World Center opens at Promenada Resort Mall

Immigration to add another office at the mall

Promenada Resort Mall and My Dino are working together to create a huge indoor-outdoor space featuring life-size models of dinosaurs in their natural environments, the new space should be finished by the end of 2016.

Tjeert Kwant of Promenada Resort Mall announces the opening of the new Dino World Chiang Mai and a new Immigration Office as well as a SIPA co-working space in the mall.

Nopniwat Krailerg
Promenada Resort Mall announced the construction of the mall’s newest attraction the new 7,000sqm Dino World Chiang Mai which will feature over 100 life sized dinosaur models as well as a multimedia learning center and activities for kids.

Tjeert Kwant of Promenada Resort Mall said that the new experience was part of the global retail revolution where consumers are less reliant on malls for their shopping and purchase more online. This has left retailers increasingly choosing to locate themselves in the digital world rather than a brick and mortar building. Shopping behavior, he pointed out, has led shopping malls to change their focus and serve their community more.

Mr. Kwant said, "The consumers now not only demand more reasons to visit a mall, they also expect shopping to be an experience. PROM’s vision is to continue introducing a new lifestyle shopping experience. Rimping and Chi Chang – both owned by innovative local retail families – are excellent examples of stores that added experience and fun to shopping. In a digital world where online shopping is increasingly replacing physical stores, Rimping and Chi Chang will remain more than worth to visit. Toys R Us is another great example of a very active retailer with a lot of events and activities to make your kid’s visit a dream experience. We are very happy to be here today to introduce Dino World Attraction & Education Center, a very important new member to the PROM Family. This new anchor tenant underlines PROM’s next step in the (R)Evolution towards the ultimate center of lifestyle experience, fun and leisure."

He went on to say that PROM is focusing on three major sectors to affect the experience.

“First, PROM is committed to providing a second to none Lifestyle Experience Center. Every day people can make more choices to either shop online or to go to a physical store. So it starts with retailers who are offering products and services and create an environment that the customer finds worth visiting. On top of that the Chiang Mai people are very modern, price-conscious consumers, so the retailers should offer value for money. We have regular discussions with our tenants to create such a future-proof place. Besides shopping the customer expects entertainment, fun and leisure. Each visit to a mall should be a celebration, in particularly for the whole family. Therefore kids are most important in PROM’s strategy and concept.”

He noted, “At PROM we are also responding to the government's policy of strengthening our local society. As a foreign-invested shopping center, this is an opportunity to increase the investment in both Chiang Mai and Thailand over the next five years.”

He then added that PROM is increasingly becoming a Regional Service Center with Chiang Mai Immigration office already a key tenant of Promenada, providing One Stop Service for residents in the region as well as for tourists. He reported that next month Immigration with expand with another office in PROM.

The mall has also joined hands with the Software Industry Promotion Agency (SIPA) to launch a 500-square-meter Software Store & Co-Working Space to facilitate businessmen and startup companies in Chiang Mai, in line with the government’s initiation to develop Chiang Mai into being a model of Smart City in the future. He said that since the opening many business people and also schools and students found their way to SIPA @ PROM. Anticipating on the Retail (R)Evolution, PROM will be a center-point of services related to the rapid increase of online shopping..

Mr. Kwant continued, “Promenada aims to become not only a tourist destination but the pride of Chiang Mai. For the major project scheduled to take place soon, PROM has joined hands with My Dino company to invest over 175 million baht to create a more than 7,000-square-meter Dino World Chiang Mai, Attraction and Education Center, comprising spaces both inside and outside of the mall. Dino World Chiang Mai will feature over 100 life-sized dinosaur exhibits in an environment set up to imitate the world of dinosaurs, as well as activity space and the first-ever multimedia learning center on dinosaurs and fossils in the North of Thailand. The project is expected to be completed by the end of 2016. PROM is confident That DINO WORLD CHIANG MAI will attract a large number of both Thai and foreign visitors.”

He noted that the a new Jurassic fossil species from 150 million years ago was found in Phu Noi in Kalasin Province along with other animals from the period including turtles and sharks, igniting interest in dinosaurs and fossils in Thailand.

He concluded by saying that they plan on special events and promotions taking place each month with weekly events from government offices, organizations and event organizers to make visiting PROM more than just a shopping experience.

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Bangkok Chiang Mai Hospital to invest 160 million in further expansion

New Dino World Center opens at Promenada Resort Mall