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Update September 23, 2016

TAT installs signs for Chinese tourists on appropriate cultural behavior

The Tourism Authority of Thailand Chiang Mai office shows off the new signs in Chinese designed to instruct visitors on appropriate behavior in Thailand.

Nopniwat Krailerg

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has installed instruction signs for Chinese tourists in regards to cultural behavior at attractions in Chiang Mai as well as in other tourist areas like Pattaya, Pai, Pattaya, Ayutthaya and Nan.

Five tourist destinations in Chiang Mai have had signs in Chinese installed to ease Chinese tourist travel; Mae Taeng Elephant Camp, Chiang Mai Night Safari, Royal Park Rajapruek, Borsang Handicraft Center and the Queen Sirikit Botanical Garden.

The signs have been installed to help Chinese tourists in their travels by understanding important Thai cultural traditions and how to behave in a way that respects Thai traditions and culture.

Update September 21, 2016

TAT hosts Expat Fair Thailand 2016 in Bangkok

Food Fun Fair from Octobeer 1-2 to celebrate expats in Thailand

From left: Mr. Patee Sarasin, Nok Air’s CEO; Mr. Andrew Biggs, a renowned Australian expat and author in Thailand; Mr. Sugree Sithivanich, TAT Deputy Governor for Marketing Communications; Mr. Jonas Anderson, a Swedish performer famous for his Thai folk singing; and Mr. Chattan Kunjara Na Ayudhya, TAT Executive Director for Advertising and Public Relations Department

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) is inviting everyone to the “Expat Fair Thailand 2016” to boost the image of Thai tourism, celebrate the vibrant expat community, and encourage everyone to travel more domestically, and enjoy Thailand’s many attractions.

Conceptualised under the “Food Fun Fair” theme, the event will be held from 1 to 2 October, 2016, at 10.00-22.00 Hrs., at Fragrant  Park on Bangkok’s Sukhumvit 36 Road, which is easily reached from Thong Lo BTS Station.

TAT recognises that Thailand has a large and vibrant expatriate population many of whom have strong links with the kingdom and who express great love for Thailand and its people. The Expat Fair Thailand 2016 will celebrate these bonds and encourage expats, and Thai revellers at the fair, to travel more within Thailand and discover amazing stories and unique local experiences. Mr. Sugree Sithivanich, TAT Deputy Governor for Marketing Communications said, “Thailand is increasingly becoming a multinational society with people from all over the world coming to work and making their home here. They love the Thai way of life, the friendly people and the vibrant culture. But many of these expatriates and their families work in the big cities, so we want to encourage them, and indeed everyone, to travel further afield and to discover some of the local experiences that can be enjoyed in every corner of the country.”

Everyone, local and international, is invited to the “Expat Fair Thailand 2016”, which is free to join. There will be food trucks selling international cuisine and cooking competitions to encourage people to try and make traditional dishes for themselves. So everyone should bring a hearty appetite as there will be variety of food to taste. Also, the 12 Hidden Gems area will introduce the emerging destinations in Thailand and invite visitors to do Thai hands-on activities.

Well-known and much-loved foreigners who have made their home in Thailand will be at the fair to reveal the things they like most about the kingdom. One of these will be the former Miss Universe, Ms. Natalie Glebova, who has many business interests here. Also making an appearance will be talented Australian linguist, author, and television personality, Mr. Andrew Biggs, who will give a fun interview in which he will talk about some of his experiences of living in Thailand.

There will also be music from honey-voiced, Mr. Jonas Anderson and Ms. Christy Gibson, expats who live in Thailand and popularised the Thai country style singing Luk Thung internationally. In addition, there will be displays of funky swing dance, Japanese drummers, Indian dance and expat hip-hop artists.

Thailand’s expats and locals wanting to take domestic trips should not miss the fair. There will be the chance to win air tickets to destinations all over Thailand. Nok Air is providing 40 tickets for those who participate in the activities, with 20 being given out on each of the two days.

“We think the Expat Fair is a great initiative of the TAT as it will showcase the breadth of talent that has made Thailand their second home,” he said, adding “and we also have to thank the Expats for bringing in so many eclectic dishes from far and wide that help make Bangkok one the world’s best culinary destinations.” said Mr. Patee Sarasin, CEO of Nok Air.

According to the figures from the Office of Foreign Workers Administration, some 143,000 expats are currently working legally in Thailand with some 70 per cent in management positions or higher.

Mr. Sugree said, “We want to reach out to the expats here to encourage international cultural exchanges and help them to “Discover Amazing Stories” in our Amazing Thailand. Certainly, strong relations with people who are living and working here can help build links and confidence in Thailand among expats and their families and friends back home. The Expat Fair Thailand 2016 will help create a positive vibe in our expat community and increase the confidence to explore the many amazing stories in the kingdom.” (TAT)

Travel by train to enjoy the culture of the North

New promotion for three Northern provinces

A new push to encourage tourists to travel by train and visit the cultural attractions of Lampang, Lamphun and Chiang Mai was launched, the new project will run through February 2017.

The antique train in front of the Lampang Train Station is just one of the many historical attractions in Lampang.

Somchai Kamoltheptewin, Deputy Governor of Lampang and Tanongsak Pongprasert, Deputy Governor of the State Railway of Thailand signed an MoU with representatives of organizations from Chiang Mai, Lampang and Lamphun to promote travel by rail for tourists.

Nopniwat Krailerg

Three provinces joined with the State Railway of Thailand to promote traveling by train in a cultural tourism project signed at the Lampang Railway Station on September 15, 2016.

The new project, which includes Lampang, Lamphun and Chiang Mai, will promote cultural tourism in the provinces by encouraging tourists to travel by train and enjoy the cultural attractions that the three provinces have to offer.

Somchai Kamoltheptewin, Deputy Governor of Lampang and Tanongsak Pongprasert, Deputy Governor of the State Railway of Thailand, signed the Memorandum of Understanding with representatives from organizations involved from the three northern provinces. The project will be implemented from October 22, 2016 to February 2017.

The project concerned goes by the name “Nung Rot Eaew muang Nuea” or Traveling to Experience the Cities of the North with three participating provinces including Lampang, Lamphun and Chiang Mai. Their primary objective is to promote traveling by train and encourage tourists to explore the north with a different approach, that of cultural tourism and a ‘location not to miss’ project. Lampang is considered as one of the 12 cities with the potential to grow due to its cultural heritage.

The Deputy Governor pointed out that Lampang has a history that goes back more than 1,300 years and has beautiful scenery and various attractions to offer. The province, which is the 5th largest in the North, is famous for its ceramics and historical attractions.

Update September 3, 2016

New app “Pin Carve” introduced in three languages for tourists

Wasan Techakan, President of Baan Tawai Handicrafts Business Association introduced the new app Pin Carve which provides information on handicraft businesses and location in the Upper North.

Nopniwat Krailerg

A new app has been introduced for tourists interested in wooden handicrafts in the Upper North providing information on locations, products, links and transportation information.

Wasan Techakan, President of Baan Tawai Handicrafts Business Association, said that the app, called Pin Carve, has information on Chiang Mai, Lamphun, Lampang, and Mae Hong Son handicraft businesses and centers. The Chiang Mai Tourist and Sports Office cooperated with handicrafts networks, collecting information on sources of products in the areas. The app used GPS to track vans entering Baan Tawai village and sources of products.

The application contains information of communities in four provinces, consisting of Baan Tawai of Chiang Mai, Baan Luk of Lampang, Mae Sariang District, Mae Hong Son District, and Baan Ta of Lamphun, which are popular sources of wood handicrafts. The application can provide information, location, product samples, links of entrepreneurs, and transportation. Ban Tawai by BTTS van just launched GPS installation in every van starting from Chang Pueak Transport Station along  the route to downtown Chiang Mai passing Chiang Mai Airport to Hang Dong road, to Pa Tan village making clay dolls and Ban Muang Kung making pottery, and Baan Tawai. This project is a pilot project to bring tourists to enter communities easier with only 30 baht per person for service fee.

Tourists and interested people can load the application “Pin Carve” on IOS at at the Apple Store and on Android at Google Play Store.


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TAT installs signs for Chinese tourists on appropriate cultural behavior

TAT hosts Expat Fair Thailand 2016 in Bangkok

Travel by train to enjoy the culture of the North

New app “Pin Carve” introduced in three languages for tourists