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Vol. XI No.4 -April 1 -April 30, 2012

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Official opening for Panyaden School

Students lead the procession to the school to enshrine the Buddhist relics.

By Shana Kongmun

Chiang Mai is a city and province that celebrates its Buddhist heritage and strong beliefs and that can be seen no better than at Panyaden School in Hang Dong, opened last year, they had their official grand opening on Tuesday, April 24, 2012 led by Taan Ajarn Jayasaro and the abbot and monks from the local Wat as well as by the Hang Dong District Officer, teachers, students and parents.

The Hang Dong Nai Amphur and Head of the Or Bor Dor or Sub District Administration Organization join the procession.

The ceremony also saw the enshrinement of Buddhist relics in the Buddha Image that has been created at the school. The relics were carried to the school by students and teachers and led by four young men who very carefully kept the music in time. The ceremony was quite lovely and many parents attended the event.

This was followed by a Dhamma talk by Ajarn Jayasaro about the need for Buddhism in education and the important role it plays in the development of ethics and behavior in children and adults. The day concluded with a market held by students and staff that saw many delicious things to eat and interesting items to buy. A highlight was the student made solar dryer that was on display at the stand selling dried bananas.

Panyaden School offers rigorous academic standards but still encourages students to think and act for themselves, to express themselves creatively and to carry out their own behavior with mindfulness and kindness. Students are expected to learn self responsibility along with their educational tasks. Classes are bilingual and are taught in Thai and English. Currently the school offers up to grade 6 but expects to expand to higher grades soon. More information can be found here:

Taan Ajarn Jayasaro leads the Buddhist relics to enshrine them in the Buddha image at the school.

A student market was held after the ceremonies.

Dog rescue organizations celebrate Earth Day

Students and volunteers join together in a community outreach project to celebrate Earth Day on Sunday, April 22, 2012.

By Joy Huss

In a celebration of all living things, Chiang Mai's Hand to Paw Temple Outreach and Care for Dogs Foundation joined together at Wat Mae Ann offering assistance, care and education to the villagers and dogs living in this small, rural hamlet.

Amidst recent stories of the suffering of Thailand’s street and temple dogs during the 2011 floods, the horrors of thousands of dogs being rounded up for the dog meat trade and their ongoing abandonment and overpopulation, Earth Day serves as a reminder of all we should respect and protect. This day was created to inspire an awareness and appreciation of Earth and all of its inhabitants, human and nonhuman alike.

Earth Day is a celebration of all life and a special day to inspire awareness of this planet that we all share.   It is a holiday that is dear to the hearts of two dog rescue organizations in Chiang Mai, Thailand:   Hand to Paw Temple Outreach and the Care for Dogs Foundation

Hand to Paw Temple Outreach is a group of animal-loving, service oriented students from the Prem Tinsulanonda International School working together to promote a sustainable, healthy dog population at six temples in their surrounding community.  The Care for Dogs Foundation is a non-profit organization and the community’s leading rescue shelter working diligently 365 days a year to sterilize, vaccinate, treat and care for Chiang Mai’s injured, neglected and ill street and temple dogs. Combining their resources, staff and students joined together to bring their services to the small rural community of Baan Mae Ann. The event was held at the village temple, one of the six temples in the Hand to Paw program, to provide education and awareness to local residents about the many issues facing pet owners in Thailand.

Villagers showed up all morning in a steady stream with their pets in the back of pick-up trucks, sitting on motorcycles or led on foot to take advantage of Dr New’s free veterinary service and healthcare advice, free rabies vaccines and heartworm protection and discounted vaccines. The highlight of the day’s event was the ‘doggie bathing station’ manned by the Hand to Paw students who were up to their elbows in doggie shampoo, lathering, de-ticking and grooming a multitude of dogs and puppies in all shapes and sizes.

Education materials and discussion were also presented relaying the importance of adopting from a shelter, the worth of pet sterilization and vaccination, and the dangers of anti-pregnancy injections.  Petitions were on-hand to be signed to bring legislation against the dog meat trade in Thailand.

“The day was beyond my expectations. The village elder, villagers and monks truly appreciated what we were doing to help their dogs and community. They especially liked the demonstrations of basic health care skills which they could now take home with them, truly making a difference in the lives of their pets,” says Joy Huss, founder of Hand to Paw Temple Outreach.

Rotary International Welcomes the Month of March with Literacy

Students show off their English writing skills at a fun month long summer camp sponsored by the Rotary Club of Chiang Mai ThinThaiNgam.

An English Summer Camp was organized by the Grandma Cares Partnership Program (GCPP). Past President Hope Watcharaprecha and Rotarian Sarah-Kate Hawkins, of the Rotary Club of Chiang Mai ThinThaiNgam, District 3360. Three rural schools partnered with GCPP, Ban Mae Yoi, Ban Lukpan, and Sai Moon School, for a month long Summer Camp from Mondays through Wednesdays.

March is the month of Literacy for Rotary International. Thailand can boast that the literacy rate for their youth is 90% (, it is a different story when it comes to speaking, reading, and writing English. With the deadline of 2015 for the ASEAN integration fast approaching, Thailand's Education Ministry decreed 2012 as English Speaking Year in all schools.

Stephanie Meyer, an Ambassadorial Scholar from the Rotary Club of Boston, USA, is sponsored through the Rotary Club of Chiang Mai North and she has helped to teach the students English with the cooperation of the Thai teachers and several international volunteers in rural schools.

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Official opening for Panyaden School

Dog rescue organizations celebrate Earth Day

Rotary International Welcomes the Month of March with Literacy


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